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Discover what lies beyond the Quantum Door. The mysterious woods behind Brady and Felix’s house have been deserted for years. But things change when a fence goes up and the brothers notice strange things happening at night. From the moment they dare cross the fence, the brothers enter a world of dark technological secrets that will rock the foundation of everything they know to be true. And once they enter, there’s no turning back. Some places are better left alone…

They say to never judge a book by its cover.  That is a lie because we all do it.  That is actually how I found this book.  I did a giveaway at a launch party and the big prize was a signed Ben Adams print and it was the print of this cover.  Before we start this review how about we all just take in this awesome cover.

Go ahead, I will give you a few more seconds to just look at it.

The Quantum Door is Jonathan Ballagh’s first novel.  Not only did he have Adams do the illustrations, he had David Gatewood do the editing.  For those that don’t know, Gatewood has done editing for some of the biggest names in Indie Publishing:  Hugh Howey, Michael Bunker, Jason Gurley, A.G. Riddle, and many more.

I had really high expectations for this book with Adams and Gatewood involved.  I was not let down.

The book is broken up into three parts and each part has a beautiful Ben Adams illustration at the beginning.

Part One introduces us to the main characters.  First we meet brothers Brady and Felix. One morning they wake up and there is a fence at the end of their property and it extends as far as they can see in either direction.  Strange things start happening with the power and one night Felix sees a blue light on the other side of the fence.  The next morning Felix talks his brother into exploring the other side of the fence.  Brady and Felix both being young boys (Felix is the youngest at twelve), and what boy wouldn’t want to explore the woods and find out what is going on?

This is when the story gets good and we meet Nova, Achilles (a robot-like dog), Thorn (a robot-like hummingbird), and Nyx (an awesome robot-like eagle).   The boys get taken on an adventure that they would have never been able to imagine and meet some more memorable characters.

All of the characters in the book are great, even the robot-like animals.  I didn’t have any problem connecting with any of them.

There is science in the book but have no fear, everything is explained so even your pre-teens can understand what is going on.

I truly enjoyed this book.  Reading this story made me forget that this is Ballagh’s first novel.  He is definately an author for you to keep your eyes on.   I really hope that Ballagh writes another story with Nova.  I would love to know what happens to her after the book ends.  But whatever he writes next I will read it.

The Quantum Door makes a great addition to my Leighgendarium.

***Hint About The Book (Non-spoiler)***  There is also something hidden in the book.  I talked to Ballagh about it and he said that as far as he knows I am the only one who has found it.  It is something that made me keep flipping through the pages and looking forward to what I would find.

Leighgendary Rating:  8.5/10 Stars

You can get The Quantum Door on Amazon for your Kindle/Kindle App or in Paperback.

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