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PenguinI know this post is a little late but we are still at the beginning of the new year.  I wanted to share two Top 5 lists with you today.

Top 5 Viewed Posts

2015 was a busy and exciting year for The Leighgendarium.  As you know, The Leighgendarium started in July and by September, Rob McClellan from ThirdScribe partnered up with The Blog and created this beautiful new website.  I had the privilege to interview some great authors and review some great books.  Below are the Top 5 most viewed posts:

5.)  Review: The Martian (Movie)  Did I enjoy the movie or did I hate it?  Did Matt Damon bring to the screen how I imagined Mark Watney in my head when I was reading?  Find that out and more.

4.)  12 Leighgendary Days Of Christmas: Philip Harris  Philip Harris was featured on the blog twice this year and his latest interview made it into the Top 5 most viewed posts.  He definitely provided some great interviews this year and is there a better author photo?

3.)  Leighgendary Creations: Mark Watney:  The Leighgendary Creations was created for us to interact and create our own stories.  After The Martian came out in theaters I emailed Andy Weir and asked him if we could use Mark Watney and create our own story with him.  Weir agreed and the true story of Mark Watney started.  Come find out what has happened so far and add your own twist to the story.

2.)  10 Questions With Nick Cole:  It is no secret, Nick Cole is one of the most popular authors in the indie scene.  Nick Cole has been a big help to me and my blog, being interviews or giving me advice behind the scenes.  This is the first interview that he did for The Leighgendarium.

And the #1 viewed post of 2015 is:

1.)  10 Questions With Jonathan Ballagh:  Jonathan Ballagh is a new author in the indie scene and he released his debut novel this year, edited by David Gatewood and artwork done by Ben Adams.  Ballagh is gracious enough to join us this year and do an interview for The Leighgendarium.


PenguinA penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

That is the final question that I ask the authors during their 10 Questions With… interview.  My goal was to end the interview on a funny question that would hopefully provide some funny answers.  So far the authors have stepped up and we have received all kinds of answers.  I wanted to give you my Top 5 favorite penguin answers:

5.)   The door explodes open on its hinges as the penguin, short of breath, spills into the room. The sombrero on his head cuts a menacing shadow across his features.
“Please, everyone, you must listen to me,” he says. “I’ve come from the future to warn you your planet is doomed. Doooooomed! Hey… this isn’t the floor of the UN. Stupid Siri! Nevermind.”
He quickly swivels to leave and says, “Oh, and all that stuff about your planet being doomed… you should probably ignore that. Enjoy your nachos!”
Instantly, he vanishes.
from 10 Questions With Eric Tozzi 

4.)  This is bad but it’s all I’ve got:
“Howdy, stranger,” the Penquin says in a deep voice. “I’m wondering if you cold help me. I’m looking for my aunt.”
“Your aunt?” I ask, a bit flustered. A penguin, here in my kitchen, asking for his aunt. “What’s her name?”
“I don’t know her first name.”
“Well, do you know her last name then?”
“So…, what is it?”
“Arctica,” the penguin says. “Aunt… Arctica.”
With that, his mouth begins to widen and he starts to laugh. I’ve never seen a penguin laugh so much and so hard. Actually, I’ve never seen a Penguin laugh, period. After about forty seconds, he stops, sighing once more. “Classic, he says. “Listen, I’d love to chat but I gotta go… next door… to your neighbor.”
He gives me a high five and walks out the door.
from 10 Questions With Stefan Bolz

3.)  The penguin lights up a cigarette and takes a long, confident drag, the smoke warming its lungs. And then, through pursed beak, the bird exhales a thick cloud that curls around you, blinding you.
The haze clears. The lights are dim now, the room in shadows. You glance over at your friends, Sam and Diane. They are different now. They are penguins, too. And Bobby, well, once he was like you, but now he is all tux and wings and dorsal. You realize this is all wrong and your head shakes from side to side. You try to step backwards towards the door. But Sombrero is there, waiting.
The smoking penguin steps forward and embraces you with an outstretched wing. “You are with us now,” it says, pulling you closer. The white rings around its eyes are hypnotic.
And then it hits. You glance down at your webbed feet and feathered chest that used to look very different.
Sombrero whispers.
from 10 Questions With Jonathan Ballagh

2.)  The penguin walks in without knocking, and I curse. I should have locked the door. I hold my hands out, palms up in an attempt to placate him and say “I know Derek, I’m late, but I promise I can get them for you.”
Derek the penguin stares at me as the door clicks shut behind him. He tips his sombrero back off his head and blinks twice, his beady little eyes glinting in the sunlight. He slowly shakes his head and walks across the lounge to the window. His feet make a moist slapping sound on the wooden floor – schlap, schlap, schlap, schlap.
He stands there staring out over the building opposite to the water, his flippers folded behind his back. There’s a smudge of white sun cream just above his tail. The penguin lets out a sigh, and I wonder if he’s imagining flying – swooping over the city like the seagulls that wander up and down the nearby roof, taunting him.
I glance toward the door. Maybe I could make it out before Derek could stop me but the damn elevator is so slow and I’d give myself a heart attack trying to make it down the stairs.
Derek must have sensed my thoughts because suddenly he turns. He’s across the room before I can react – the little chap is quicker than you’d think. He karate chops me behind my right knee, and I go down. I twist, trying to raise my arm to fend off his attack. I’m too slow, and I see the flipper a fraction of a second before it hits me. It smells of chocolate and tears.
“Mr Brunetti wants his diamonds,” says the penguin.
I raise my hands again. “They’re on their way, I promise. I just need another week.”
The penguin stares at me, unblinking, and for a moment I think he’s going to hit me again. Then he turns and opens the door. He pauses, looking back at me over his shoulder. “One week.”
I nod a dozen times as the penguin flips his sombrero back onto his head and walks out of the apartment. As the door shuts, I get unsteadily to my feet, grab my iPad and start searching for the next flight out of the city.
from 10 Questions With Philip Harris 

And the #1 penguin answer is:

1.)  I’m sitting at my desk, looking at the thick black glove on my hand. I don’t how long I’ve been sitting here, staring numbly down at my covered palm. I don’t know what I’m going to do. How did it come to this?
I snap out of my daze as a penguin walks through my bedroom door, a sombrero on his head and a cigarette in his mouth.
“Walter,” he says, smoke rising from his words. “It’s time.”
I look over at him, my heart racing. “I thought I had longer.”
He shakes his head. “I’m sorry. C’mon. Let’s go.”
I get up from my seat as he points his fin to the door. I walk through, and the rest of the penguins line the hallway, all of them looking up at me.
“Go get ‘em, chief,” they say. “You got this.”
I make it to my front door, and I can already see the legion of reporters on my front lawn. I step outside, and the cameras, microphones, and questions pepper and stab at me in an instant.
My sombrero wearing partner steps outside with me, and the reporters go silent.
With the microphones all in my face, the reporters waiting for me to say something, the world holding their breath watching through the cameras, I take my glove off.
Gasps. Flashes. More silence.
I raise my blue, frost made hand, and curl my icy fingers into a fist.
I look into the cameras. Lean in towards the microphones. And I finally announce to the world my long held secret.
“Yes,” I say. “I am the Penguin-Man.”
from 10 Questions With Ernie Luis 


I know I have said this before, Thank You for making my 2015 a special year.  The Leighgendarium grew faster than I thought it would and that would not have been possible without you.

I have some exciting things in the works for 2016 and I hope to be able to share them with you soon (you will learn about them first if you sign up for The Leighgendarium Newsletter).

Thank you again for a great 2015 and I can’t wait to see where The Leighgendarium goes in 2016.  I hope you are as excited for the trip as I am.

 What were some of your favorite posts from 2015?
Did you have any penguin answers that you liked more?
What are you hoping to see from The Leighgendarium in 2016?

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  1. I really enjoyed all the posts. I’m excited that Jonathan Ballagh made number 1. I picked The Quantum Door to be book of the month for my Goodreads group.

  2. I got into your posts late in the year but have Loved every one of them I received. I also have gone back and read many of the ‘older’ posts.

    Thanks for doing a Great Service, Preston. It’s really cool.

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