Review: YETI Tumbler vs. RTIC Tumbler

Yeti vs RTIC Pinterest (3)***I just did a Reduce vs RTIC vs Ozark Trail review here.***

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 2014, my wife and I were driving home from spending the holiday with my family.  As we were driving back we stopped at a rest area that was a little over an hour from the house.  About thirty minutes later we stopped for some gas because we wouldn’t make it home if we didn’t. As we stopped for gas, I realized that my symptoms for a kidney stone were appearing.  By the time we got home and unpacked I couldn’t move.  My back hurt so bad and I constantly felt like I needed to use the restroom.

That night we went to the hospital and it was confirmed, I had a kidney stone.  This was my third kidney stone and this one turned out to be the worst one I have had.  After I passed it I knew I needed to drink more water.

Here is my problem, water sucks and soda taste so dang good.  Water is bland and that carbonated goodness just taste so good.  That is where my kidney stones come from, not drinking enough water and drinking way too much soda.  That is also where my gut comes from.  But I digress.  The only way I can drink water is for it to be ice water.  I do not like drinking room temperature water or lukewarm water, it has to be ice cold.  It can be winter time and below zero and I need ice water.  I started taking a Tervis Tumbler to work, but the ice was gone before lunch and after lunch the water was no good to me, it wasn’t cold.

3325_91483325943_3690377_nWe spent Christmas of 2014 in Charleston, SC.  While we were there we visited one of our favorite stores.  While in this store a salesman tried to sell me a YETI Tumbler.  I told the salesperson that I did not need one, I used a Tervis Tumbler.  He told me that the YETI blew the Tervis out of the water.  He went on to tell me how the YETI could keep ice all day and almost all night.  The way he talked about this cup I decided to buy one, just one because they weren’t cheap and I wasn’t going to plop down money for something that didn’t work.

All during the Christmas holiday I tested it.  I put ice water in it and I put a Sonic Slush in it.  This thing really worked.  My Sonic Slush stayed a slush for the whole day.  I was so impressed with how the YETI Tumbler performed that I ended up buying two more while we were in Charleston.

I would take my YETI to work and fill it up with ice at 7:00 am and twenty-four hours later I would still have some ice in it.  Finally, a cup that kept ice all day so I could have ice water all day.

11535677_828689423853719_4406075455932134794_nI was happy as could be with my YETI.  I would tell anyone about the cup and how awesome it was.  It is the only thing I would use for water.  Then one fateful day I saw an ad on Facebook for a brand called RTIC.  RTIC sells the same type of coolers that YETI does and claims they work just as good.  In fact, the top of their website says, “Half the Price of a YETI Cooler & Holds More Ice!”  They also started to make tumblers.

I was very skeptical at first.  I started to research the company and I tried to find some video reviews for the tumbler.  From the videos I watched, RTIC seemed to be on par with YETI, and was half the price like they claimed.  I decided to order a tumbler and put it to the test.

VS (4)

I knew that when I received the RTIC tumbler I was going to put it head to head against the YETI.  Time to see if they really are “Half the Price & Keeps the Ice.”


The RTIC Tumbler is on the left and the YETI Tumbler is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh.

The day the cup came in I washed both at the same time in the same water in the sink. Once I was finished washing them, I set them out to dry, side by side so that they were in the same environment.

The next morning before work I filled the cups up to the same spot with ice and then added the water.  While I was at work I used them both the same.  If I took a sip from one I took a sip from the other.  If I added water to one I added water to the other.  I wanted to make sure that everything was equal.

With these cups, I feel that the first time you use them for ice water you will lose a little more ice than if you use it daily for ice water.  I feel this is  because you have not used it before and the ice will have to make the cup cold on the inside.  That being said, these cups both performed great.  Twenty-four hours later I still had ice in my tumblers.  The picture below shows what I had the next morning when I woke up.


The RTIC Tumbler is on the left and the YETI Tumbler is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh.

I know it is hard to see the amount of ice, below is an image that shows how much ice each had after twenty-four hours of ice and water in them.  When I went to bed the night before, each cup was about half full.


The RTIC Tumbler is on the left and the YETI Tumbler is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh

I then emptied the cup of ice water and I decided to add the exact same amount of ice, one ice cube tray full.


The RTIC Tumbler is on the left and the YETI Tumbler is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh.

Once I put the ice in the cups they looked like this:


The RTIC Tumbler is on the left and the YETI Tumbler is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh.

Due to the build of the cups, which I will talk about in a second, one tray of ice filled the RTIC Tumbler closer to the top than in the YETI.

As the day went on they both performed great. When I got off of work I still had ice left in both of the cups.  The next morning we had a few things we were doing so by the time I looked at the cups twenty-eight hours had passed.  The YETI had no ice at all in the cup and the RTIC barely had any but there was some.


Both the YETI Tumbler and the RTIC Tumbler are well built.  While I was using them I felt like the YETI might be slightly heavier.  I have not weighed them to see but in my two days of using the tumblers side by side I felt like the YETI was heavier.  The RTIC Tumbler is not as wide as the YETI, but it is slightly taller (see the first picture of them side by side).  Because the RTIC Tumbler isn’t as wide, it doesn’t need as much ice to fill it as the YETI does.  (To be fair, you would only need a few more ice cubes to fill the YETI up)  RTIC says that due to them being slightly taller and not as wide it makes them easier to grip and makes them fit in cup holders better.  Our cars are a little older and the cup holders are right against the dashboard.  From my observation they fit in our cup holders about the same.  Is it easier to grip the RTIC because it is not as wide?  I guess.  I would have to measure how wide they are, but at the bottom I feel that they are about the same size.  I feel the difference in the size comes as you move up the body of the cup, the YETI is wider than the RTIC, but the RTIC is taller.  If you grab near the bottom of the cup, the part that goes in the cup holder, I do not think you will be able to tell a difference.  If you grab the body of the cup you might be able to tell a slight difference.

Both of the cups claim to be sweat proof and they both deliver on that claim.  You can put these cups on wood and they will not sweat and leave an ugly water ring on your furniture.

The tops for the tumblers are slightly different.  Both have plastic lids that create an “air tight” seal, but the big difference here is that RTIC’s lid has a spot on the lid where you can easily insert a straw.  I know some people that like to drink from a straw and this will be a bonus feature for them that YETI does not have.  (I would like to mention the straws we buy are “normal” sized bendy straws that you buy at the grocery store and they fit fine in both tops.  The drinking slit in the YETI is just wide enough to fit a normal sized straw.  Anything bigger than a “normal” size straw will not fit in the YETI without having to bend it some.)


The RTIC Lid is on the left and the YETI Lid is on the right. Photo taken by Preston Leigh.

RTIC makes a spill proof lid that you can buy separately.  The lid is $4.99 and I will buy one, once they don’t charge $6.99 to ship it.  It is a plastic lid that weighs hardly anything and it should not cost $6.99 to ship.  YETI does not make a spill proof lid.

Both cups perform great.  Both cups keep my ice water ice cold all day, into the evening, and into the next day.

In my opinion you cannot go wrong with either cup.  If I am going to pick one as the winner I will pick the RTIC because it is half the price.  The 30 oz YETI Tumbler is $39.99 and the 30 oz RTIC Tumbler is $19.99.

YETI makes a 20 oz Tumbler that I use whenever I am traveling.  I use it for traveling because it fits a little better into our cup holders.  It will also keep your water ice cold all day and into the evening but most mornings I am almost out of ice.  The 20 oz YETI Tumbler is $29.99.  According to RTIC, they are working on a 20 oz tumbler and it will of course be half the price and should be $14.99 whenever they release it.

Whenever I need to buy a tumbler as a gift or for myself I will buy RTIC because they perform just as good as the YETI and they are half the price.

***As a side note, I believe the tumblers are new to RTIC because as of January 18, 2016, their website says that there is a two week window until they ship, February 2, 2016.  From my experience, it should ship before then, but it might not.  I ordered mine on December 10, 2015 and they told me it would ship around January 10, 2016.  My tumbler shipped on December 30, 2015 and I had it in hand on January 6, 2016.  Hopefully RTIC will get enough tumblers in stock so there is no wait on shipping.

Also, if you are going to order the spill proof lid I would order it when you order the cup.  I hope RTIC reads this review and sees that they should lower the cost of shipping the lid.  I wouldn’t mind paying $2 or $3 to ship the lid but the shipping should not be more than the product itself.  I think that is a dumb move on their part and they will not sell as many spill proof lids until the shipping cost comes down.***

You can buy the tumblers straight from their website:

RTIC Tumblers:

YETI Tumblers:

Or you can buy them off of Amazon and get them quicker, especially if you have Prime:

RTIC Tumblers:

YETI Tumblers:

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      I tested hot chocolate in my smaller YETI. I put the hot chocolate in at 7:15 am and at 1:00 pm it was still warm….not hot but warm. I don’t like my hot chocolate to burn my tongue, so I could not even drink it for a while. I would expect the RTIC to be the same.

        • Check Amazon. There is now a spill proof and splash resistant lid available at $2.12, with no shipping charges . i Am ordering my wife an RTIC 30 oz. tumbler based on your review. I got tired of hearing how great someone has told her a Yeti is, I could not see paying ove $30 for a tumbler. It’s not like she is going out to the desert or a ranch or similar place LOL. Thanks for the review.

        • I received a RTIC Tumbler for Fathers Day last week. I’ll tell you this. Yesterday afternoon I had ice water in the RTIC tumbler watching tv. This afternoon I got home grabbed the tumbler, still very cold water with ice cubes. Nice. Hoping it keeps coffee warm longer as well for the long, cold, Omaha winters.

          • Profile Cover Art

            Hey William. I used mine for hot chocolate during the winter and I couldn’t drink it for an hour or two because it was too hot. Hopefully it does the job for you.

      I purchased an RTIC 65 after hearing about you guys. It might be half the price of a Yeti, but it is still a premium priced ice chest for the size.
      Your website promised “Free Two Day Shipping” (Which is still on your site) but when I ordered it, that wasn’t the case. Didn’t discover this until after had shipped.
      After half a dozen calls a couple chats, and proving over and over that I wasn’t lying the fixed this issue.
      When it arrived the box was wet and smashed and there is a massive dent on the top of the ice chest. I call customer service and was told that I would have to send it in, without a box, and wait a month or more, and you’d send a new one.
      I offered to secure a cross ship with my credit card, and she said “Sir that isn’t how our warranty process works.”
      I requested a supervisor, was put on hold for five minutes, she came back and said that “Ashly” wasn’t available. She also assured me that if I emailed the and put “ATTN: Ashly” in it, that the email would be routed to her.
      After several tries, doing just that, not one email made it to her. All were replied to by Linda. So I called again, didn’t give any info and insisted that I speak to Ashly. She just parroted the same sentence over and over, “I’m sorry Sir, I have explained the warranty process to you”. Again I offered to secure a cross ship with my credit card, to which she again said, “I’m sorry Sir, I have explained the warranty process to you”.
      Although her words said sorry her tone said, “Please go away, you are an annoyance”. I requested her boss. She said he was the owner of the company and he wasn’t available.
      I offered to wait, she said he wouldn’t ever be available and that there was no way to directly email or even leave a voicemail.

      • Profile Cover Art

        Erik, Sorry you have had problems with RTIC. I have not tried their coolers, only the tumblers. I have had a few issues as well when it comes to their customer service. I hope that you get everything resolved with them.

    • Coffee stays hot but the RTIC is not spill proof even with the “spill proof” lid. Save your money on that lid. They leak terribly. I’ve spent several mornings since I started using the RTIC 30 oz with the extra lid in the men’s room when I arrive at work washing coffee stains out of my dress shirts. I’m in search of a truly spill proof mug in the 24-32 oz range. My Thermos mug was terrific for years, and still is, but is only a 16 oz.

      • Profile Cover Art

        Hey John. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I highly highly recommend the Reduce Cold-1 Tumbler. They have a 24 oz or 32 oz and their lids are spill proof. The tumblers come with the spill proof lid also, not something you have to buy separate. I am not 100% sure about the ones sold on Amazon because I am not sure if Reduce sells them their self there. But you can get them at their website. You can also get a two pack of the 34 oz tumblers at Costco for around $20 I believe, amazing deal if you have a membership there. But here is the link to their website:

        I am also going to email this info to you.

  1. Cool review, Preston, I liked it.
    Scientifically conducted. Easy to understand. Good comparisons.

    I am sorry you experienced kidney stones. I’ve never had them but have witnessed people going through the need to pass them and it looks excruciatingly painful, with nothing, really, to ‘do’ for it, except wait for it to pass. (Unless it has gotten So bad an operation is needed because of complications.)

    I’m proud of you that you’re drinking more water. I was a Dr. Pepper addict. Hooked on the stuff, I drank far too much of it and not nearly enough water. I tried switching to diet but found the diet drinks have even more ‘bad for you’ chemicals than do regular soft drinks… found that out by being told by a specialist that Nutrasweet was causing my headaches to worsen and in fact, many things were contributing to pain from Fibromyalgia to be worse.

    Many things I took for granted to be alright to eat or drink were contributing to existing problems, and was told that they would cause new problems, too, if I continued to eat and consume the things I been doing… even commercial pizza, or take-out, and ‘fast food’, etc. That was… wow, over twenty, closer to thirty years ago and switching to JUST WATER (and teas, but with honey) was very hard for me.

    Like you, I dislike warm water, will only drink it if truly thirsty, and if you’re actually truly already ‘thirsty’, you’re dehydrated and it’s best to not to drink water before it gets worse and you’ll not be able to hold it down at all. (Yes, I’ve also experienced heat stroke and heat exhaustion, many times over my life, before I finally REALLY began drinking water.) Also, if really very dehydrated, they won’t allow you to have ice water because the coldness can cause more stomach spasms and more vomiting from the dehydration/electrolyte losses your body is already going through.

    I’ve been using the big jug-type-mugs for over three decades. Lots of places sell various types… I want to have enough ice to last even in a hot vehicle (takes a while for an older model A/C to kick in on a hot day here), or outside when working in my gardens. Which leads me to tell you this tid-bit I learned – the Larger the ice, the longer it takes for it to melt (as you probably already know, since you obviously fill your own trays.) I use either dixie cups, filled with enough water to fit my container, or, an old water bottle or such. Or, smaller dixie cups and maybe use two if that’s what size it takes to fill the current container I am using. The dixie cups can be re-used for a long time if you get the ice out by either running cool water on it so it’s pop out like ice from an ice tray would, or leave it setting in the sink to slightly melt while you’re doing something else. I’ve never checked by doing a scientific test nor looking up which way will help keep the ice from melting the longest. If it was a water bottle I leave enough water in it that will fill my container almost to the top, with he lid on I wash it well, rinse well, and freeze it. I cut the lid off (because the whole thing won’t fit down in my mug-jug) and put it upside down in my water mug. That way, after it is melted enough to slide out of the container, I empty the ice into the water and remove it’s plastic shell. Sometimes, I reuse a shell several times, if I don’t cut too much away from it. So, maybe, you might could even try one of those methods or something else to get a larger piece of ice each time. (I even wake up at night and get a sip of water.)

    Also, in the beginning I had to squeeze some fresh lemon or orange into my water. ‘Plain Water’ tasted… flat and awful. After about a year I found I didn’t need that anymore when I was out one day and drank water without anything in it. In fact, now I prefer my water to not have any additives, ever. And I rarely can ‘stomach’ the taste of anything except some home made tea. There are a couple of root beer brands I enjoy having one once in a while – I tried having a Dr. Pepper a few years back and was appalled at the grossness of corn syrup taste instead of ‘real sugar’. I recently saw one at the store with “Real Sugar, No Corn Syrup” written on it and tried it. It was tasty, but after so long I have no worries about getting off my “Water Kick” and “Relapsing” on sodas. It didn’t satisfy like water does, I still felt thirsty after enjoying the cold soda. And I now limit intake of commercial drinks to one or two a month anyway, if that many. That way they’re a treat to me, I don’t get burned out on the crap I KNOW is in it and continue to try to reduce my footprints on our Planet.

    Thanks again for your reviews and interviews. I’m glad I found out about you.

  2. Ordered a RTIC Tumbler on Jan 22. Website said the estimated ship date was Feb 5. Today (Feb 11) the website still shows Feb 5 as the estimated ship date. When I called and talked to customer service, they said that it should ship by Feb 15. It looks like a whole month will have passed before I receive my tumbler. That, along with $6.99 shipping, is the only knock I have on RTIC. I asked about refunding my shipping cost, and the CS rep said she couldn’t do that.

    • Profile Cover Art

      It took me about a month to get mine as well. I have seen on their Facebook page that there was a store that sold them, not sure if they do online sales or not.

      Their customer service can be hit or miss. My original tumbler had something wrong with it and they told me it would be 2 weeks before it shipped. I called and complained about that and they shipped it out same day.

      • At this time RTIC has free shipping for orders over $19. I find that to be quite reasonable. Just ordered 2 spill proof lids and 2 of their Lowball cups. I have several Yeti and RTIC tumblers, both work great, but of course I’m only buying RTIC now. Have a 65qt cooler on order too; just taking forever to get it. Been waiting over 4 months now. Ugh!

        • Profile Cover Art

          You have waited for 4 months and still haven’t received your cooler? Dang! That is a long time. I believe the orders of $19 or higher get free shipping is their normal. So if you by a Tumbler and the spill proof lid you should be good. When I ordered my Tumbler they did not have the spill proof lid, or I would have ordered it. Glad you are enjoying your RTIC Tumbler Hopefully you get your cooler soon.

    • All of you need to realize the cost of shipping is Not free…..the details it takes to ship a product no matter the size is a process. From handling of packagers cost, shipping supplies from manufacture to calling carrier to pick up….gas, carrier cost and handling from point a to b, then to delivery point. At that time it has to off load go on a local route driver then deliver. This being said unless your in the industry don’t knock a Companies fixed cost. They are already offering you a great product at half price. I don’t expect to buy a lid for that cost in Nebraska and drive from Tx to get it for under 6 $. Sounds like of a good deal to me. Sorry friend, shipping is not free!

  3. Thanks for your review! I was skeptical but after reading your review I went ahead and ordered two. I am commenting just to update you on the shipping info. I placed the order and got a confirmation email at 8:19 and at 8:20 I got a second email with a UPS tracking number saying that it was shipped. While I do know that it obviously has not left the building, my assumption is that I should get it within the week.

  4. I ordered my 30 oz 3/1/16 and received it today (3-10. Immediately made an iced beverage. I gotta say, it seemses to be doing a grate job atnf keeping my drink coold. Me onle gripe is that 30 oZ is a hole lot of whisky. its onna start getting expensive.

  5. I ordered two RTIC 30 oz. cups and splash-proof lids. I received them in just under a week.
    I washed and dried them along with a YETI 30 oz. that my stepdaughter had. I let them sit for several hours. I then filled all three with an equal number of ice cubes and put on the regular lids. It took almost 60 hours for the ice to completely melt. During all that time, I checked the outside and contents of each cup with a laser thermometer. The temperatures were always within 1.5 degrees of each other and usually less.
    Both cups work as advertised and are well-built, but obviously, the RTIC is the way to go since they cost half of what the YETI costs.
    Well done RTIC!!

  6. The lid is splash proof not spill proof, big difference and should be conveyed correctly. Love my tumbler ordered mine March 10th received it March 16th.

  7. Anyone have issues with their cups being less effective keeping ice after using for hot beverages? My Yeti used to keep ice with little melting for 2 days, but after I put hot tea in it, it seems like it doesn’t even keep for 12 hours:/

  8. Ordered my RTIC tumbler on March 17th…got confirmation that it shipped March 17th. Received March 19th. Used it for coffee this am…Not a bad deal to get $1 refill at 7-11. Its almost 11:30 and its still HOT after 5 hrs…but its almost gone. I’ll wash it out when done and fill it with cold water to chill it…then fill with ice and water for afternoon and trip home. Loving it. Ordered the spillproof lid with it as well as the handle. Handle is backordered but lid came with it in the shipment. Its a great lid. Overall this thing rocks!!

  9. Does the RTIC lid fit the Yeti. I know you said slightly different because of the straw but I was thinking of getting spill proof lid but didn’t know if it would fit.

  10. Great review, I order the Rtic 20 oz, the spill proof lid and the handle, and there was no charge for shipping!

    The handle is on back order, but not a deal breaker, I can wait! If it works as good as your review, and I have no doubt it will, I will be ordering more stuff from these guys!!

    Thanks again for the review!


  11. If anyone is from Texas… Buccee’s has the RTIC tumblers… Just picked mine up!! (all thanks to this review lol)

  12. If you are in Texas/LA and are near a Buccee’s – they sell the 30 ounce tumbler in the store… It’s funny – the YETI on the left side and the RTIC on the right… No coolers or other sizes yet…

  13. I was wondering if the RTIC tumblrs keep sodas fresh? I saw that the Yetti site mentions that their cups do. Any thoughts? Thank you, Sir.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Jeremy. I tried the soda thing yesterday. It definitely keeps it cold. I put some soda in it around 2:00 pm and drank out of if while I ate. At 5:15 I filled it back up and left it there for 3 hours. After 3 hours I took a sip and it was still cold and still had a decent about of carbonation to hit, but it was slightly watered down but not to the point that I wouldn’t drink it.

      Hope that helps some. This was just one day of tests as well.

  14. Great review, Preston ~ thanks!
    I bought 2 30 ounce Yetis last year, and they have served us well. My gripe is the lack of a closable lid on the Yeti. When I saw the RTIC, I grabbed one. I am a traveling teacher, and never know what I might need while on the road. I agree ~ the RTIC lid did not feel as snug when I put it on the Yeti ~ i got some of the extra large straws (Tervis) and use them in my Yeti; I think they would work well with the RTIC as well. I like both of my tumblers, but will probably go with RTIC in the future. Now I am looking to see if the 20 ounce RTIC lid will fit the Yeti tumbler…
    Keep drinking that water!!

    • Profile Cover Art

      Thank you Stella. I have not tried the 20 oz RTIC but I am sure it is just as good. I hope to get one soon.
      I will stick with RTIC from now on just because of the price. They are both great though.

  15. RTIC has free shipping for orders over $19. I’m not sure if this is a temporary deal or permanent. But that seems pretty reasonable to me.

    • Profile Cover Art

      The orders over $19 get free shipping is their normal offer I believe. So if you order a tumbler and the spill proof lid you should be good. They didn’t have the spill proof lid when I ordered my tumbler or I would have ordered it.

  16. Love the review! I know several “Yeti Snobs” that just like to say they have a Yeti. That is fine, but I have money LOL!

    There is a Youtube video of the Rtic Spill Proof on a Yeti (both 30oz). The Yeti cup with a Rtic Spill Proof Lid was turned completely upside down and it leaked terribly and the tester determined it was a “fail”. They did not test the Rtic w/ Rtic lid, so that made me curious, would my Rtic Spill Proof lid on my Rtic cup leak? I turned it completely upside down and not one drop came out. So a Rtic spill proof lid works great on the Rtic cup! I love my cup and will always buy Rtic over Yeti due to the cost.

    As for the shipping I just ordered a 20oz Rtic tumbler and a spill proof lid today 04/15/16 and it was only $1.76. I am in Texas and actually within 10 miles of Rtic so I can’t complain about the cost.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Thanks for the info about the lid. I know they lid sizes are just slightly different, that is why I don’t switch my lids. But I will be buying RTIC from now on also. YETIs are so expensive.

  17. If you are in Texas, or north Houston area. Axis cups used to be Frio has the same cups and about the same price as rtic. They have the same spill proof lid. They are all made in the same factory I’m told. Axis is located in Livingston, TX and have a office next door to the Sweat shop gym.

  18. We sell Yetis and RTICs where I work, and I choose RTICs for my own cups. I will tell you where they are inferior, though. They dent easier (they are lighter and thinner) and a fair number have minor casting flaws in them (they look like little divots in the metal). But for the difference in price, I’d still take the RTICs any day. I love the 20oz RTIC and the Koozie is EXACTLY the same as the Yeti Colster. I mean exactly – they must be made in the same factory.

    If a person really needs a bigger cup that is about the same quality as the Yeti, Orca also has a very high quality 27oz cup that still costs less than Yeti, but more than RTIC.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Thanks for your comment. I did notice that the RTIC does seem lighter but I haven’t dropped mine so I am not sure about the denting. I guess it is hard to drop it when I sit behind a desk all day at work. I haven’t tried the 20 oz RTIC but I do have a 20 oz YETI. I prefer the 30 oz RTIC for my daily use.

    • I have both Yeti Colster and Rtic and have a really hard time getting the ring on my Rtic when it has a can in it. The Yeti ring goes right on the Rtic.

  19. I have the 30 Yeti and wondered if the RTIC handle will fit it….I like the RTIC handle better than the Yeti. If anyone know, please let me know so I can order one:)

  20. I love the RTIC but don’t try to contact them – Customer Service there doesn’t exist. I placed 5 calls on 5 different business days, business hours, over a 2 week period – no answer – left voice message each time – not one repsonse. Sent an email – got an autogenerated response that it was received but never a response. On my 6th call – to the sales line – after a 6:22 second hold someone answered. I canceled the items that were on back order. I have no patience with no customer service…..

  21. I purchased a rtic 30 ounce tumbler. Was well pleased with it until my grandson dropped it on the concrete driveway. Now it is not usable, as a chip is on the top of the tumbler . It could cut your lip if you drank from the cup. Glad it was my 30 ounce rtic instead of my 30 ounce yeti that was damaged. 20.00 Lost is not as bad as 40.00. Lost.

  22. I bought my RTIC tumber at Buckee’s. and I love it! I put ice water in the cup one morning at 7:30am. Drank water all day but did not fill with ice as I was filling from a cold ice water machine. then at home just left cup with ice no water on the counter. That morning at 6:30am still had ice in it. I mean a full cup of ice. It is the best cup I have ever used.

  23. I ordered my husband a 20oz RTIC and splash proof lid yesterday at 225pm. Received email at 230pm saying it had shipped. Yes 5 minutes later. And to my surprise we got it today. Less than 24 hours. Hopefully it’s a good product.

  24. Seen where two people did a side by side comparison of the Ozark trails cup and the yeti cup. Was very similar results. One even did the hot drinks and he felt like the Ozark trails did better.

  25. I need a spill-proof lid for work, so that combined with holding ice slightly longer and being cheaper just sold me on the RTIC 20oz tumbler. Thanks for doing a review of the two, Preston.

    – Preston

  26. Interesting side note…

    “Austin-based Yeti sues competitor over ‘confusingly similar’ products”
    Friday, Dec. 11, 2015

    Austin-based Yeti Coolers claims a competitor is attempting to cash in on its creations.

    In a lawsuit filed this week in U.S. District Court in Austin, Yeti alleges Mammoth Coolers, a Missouri company, “has purposefully advertised, promoted, offered for sale, sold and distributed, and continues to advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell and distribute coolers and tumblers that infringe on Yeti’s rights.”

    The suit, among other things, asks that the offending products be recalled and destroyed, and that consumers have their money refunded. Yeti is seeking monetary damages, as well.

    Mammoth did not respond to a message from the American-Statesman seeking comment.


    No updates, that I know of, on how this suit has progressed.

  27. Another one… and it’s a biggie…

    “Yeti Coolers Is Suing Wal-Mart Over Patent Infringement”

    I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that if there are approved patents granted to Yeti, it’s not really a contest. But a big company like Walmart will look at a lawsuit like this–even a multi-million dollar lawsuit–as nothing more than the cost of doing business.

    Full disclosure: I bought my wife and I matching Yeti Ramblers for Christmas, even found a small business to laser-etch our names on the tumblers and lids.

      • I purchased a ozark one from Walmart and returned it because of the rubber seal on the lid also. The lid would not stay seated on the cup but would rise up because of the rubber seal rolling around.. Love my Yeti but will look into the RTIC.

  28. Just ordered an RTIC tumbler (30 oz) from Amazon. Same day delivery. I have a YETI tumbler that I will use for water. The RTIC will be for Coffee.

    The price of the RTIC? $18 and free shipping on Amazon. (I have Prime.)

  29. We’ve not tried the two you mentioned, but bought two 30oz Ozarks around 3:00pm today. We got a large fountain drink that filled them to about 1.5″ from the top. My cup had a little more ice than hubby’s, but both had more dr oepper than ice. The ice lasted until til 9:00pm in his and 9:30 in mine.
    I think had we filled the cups with ice before adding the dr pepper, there would still be ice now.
    Even after the ice was gone, the cups were still cold enough to keep the drinks cold.
    I was surprised about the lawsuit as I’d read mire than one post today stating they were made in same factory. The lids from the Ozark are supposed to fit the Yeti.
    As for spillproof lid, stick some press and seal over lid pressing firmly over the slot and it should work OK. I have done this with various travel mugs.

  30. My husband has the yeti and I have the ozark from walmart. I have done the ice test and they are the exact same at keeping ice. I personalize the ozark with vinyl monograms, paint, glitter and sand. They were a great add to my craft shop.

  31. I got several RTIC 30 oz tumblers and love them, but the rubber seal on the lid does not fit quite tight enough and leaks down my shirt when drinking. I placed a rubber band into the grove and then replaced the seal on top of it and now it fits very tight with no leakage at all. It would be nice if you could get replacement seal for the lids……… it a thicker version.

  32. We have Yeti products, so I was looking to buy a yeti tumbler (my boyfriend has one and uses it each and every day). I’m a college student and wasn’t looking to buy a 30oz for $40 so I did some research and came across RTIC. I read some reviews about them and decided to buy one. Best $19.99 I’ve ever spent. Same great quality as Yeti.

  33. I have a both a 20 oz Yeti Tumbler and a 30 oz RTIC Tumbler. They were given to me so no monetary investment made. The Yeti cup I received first and used for well over a year. Love Love Love this cup. Keeps ice great, no spilling and no condensation forms on the cup. I was happy to get the larger size RTIC for my ice water. Means less trips to the ice machine and water cooler at work. The first drink I took, water spilled from the lid. So I started using a straw with the cup. Now I have noticed condensation forming on the upper part of the tumbler. About a 1/4″ all the way around. Odd, seeing how the cups look the same. Two other co-workers have the same RTIC cup. One leaks like mine does and the other has no issue. They both keep ice great but the seal on the lids is not consistent amongst the RTIC brand. If you drink something other than water, you may want to stick with a Yeti.

  34. I just bought a 30 oz Yeti Rambler but haven’t received it yet. I’ve been searching on Amazon for a lid that will slide closed but there are so many to choose from. Been reading a lot of reviews and seems like customers can really like or hate the same lid. One guy mentioned if you didn’t get a lid with the slider flush with the lid then every time you drank from the cup it would accumulate liquid under it. Of course this is hardly mentioned in the reviews and it’s hard to tell from the pictures if the slider is flush or not. So can anyone recommend such a lid that doesn’t leak too much?

  35. I have had a Yeti Rambler 30-ounce tumbler since January, and just bought an Ozark Trail 30-ounce tumbler on August 3rd at a near-by Wal-Mart.

    Both tumblers are about the same size, height and diameter at top and bottom. There are some small differences I have not noticed anybody mentioning in more than 200 coments and reviews I’ve read in the past three days. Some of these may be due to slight differences in production from one sample to another, something for which most Chinese manufacturers are well noted. My Yeti weighs 1 pound, 0.1 ounce; the Ozark Trail, 1 pound, 0.4 ounces. The two lids weigh exactly the same–2.1 ounces each.

    If I run my hand down the side of each mug and feel the taper toward the narrower bottom, the Yeti tapers more sharply, something like a block taper you might get at an old-fashioned barber shop–Remember those? The taper on the Ozark Trail is slightly more gradual, something like a fade.

    The gaskets on the two lids are about the same size and thickness, but the one on the Ozark Trail feels rougher as you move your finger around the outside edge, almost like it might have very fine cracks, or a less refined finish than the gasket on the Yeti.

    The price, of course, is very different–Yeti, $39.99; Ozark Trail, $9.74 plus sales tax and/or shipping.

    I will be taking the Ozark Trail tumbler back to try for an exchange because of what I consider to be a possibly serious sample defect. There seems to be a piece of metal loose between the inner and outer walls at the bottom. If I shake it from side to side, or up and down, the loose metal makes it sound like the tinkling of a cheap Christmas bell.

    I got my 20-ounce Yeti Rambler tumbler about the same time as my 30-ounce Yeti, back in January of 2016. Hot coffee had caused part of the top of the lid to blister and discolor, giving it a rough mottled texture. I reported the problem to Yeti and they sent me out a replacement lid at o charge. It took over two weeks to get it here in Brookhaven, Georgia from their distribution center, probably in Austin, Texas.

    I have a Bubba 32-ounce tumbler with a straw lid which keeps a hot drink hot for about the same length of time as does the 30-ounce Yeti. The Bubba mug was around $21.95 plus tax at Wal-Mart.

    I’ll have to see if Wal-Mart will do me a straight exchange on my 30-ounce Christmas bell for a defect-free Ozark Trail tumbler. Or maybe they’ll just refund my money and I’ll buy its replacement as a separate transaction.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Brent. Thanks for your comment and observations. I had the “Christmas Bell” sound in the first RTIC Tumbler I got. I am pretty sure Wal-Mart will exchange it out for you. Keep your eyes open here, I will be doing a review where I compare the Ozark Trail vs RTIC vs Reduce. Hopefully it will come out in the week.

  36. Hopefully someone will post some links for lids but I’ll keep looking. I really debated on whether to buy a Yeti or RTIC and came so close to ordering the latter but could get by the short warranty. RTIC’s 90 day cup warranty just doesn’t seem long enough to me since I’ve have read they can go bad over time. Maybe I’m making too big of a deal on the warranty cause sure like the RTIC’s price. Guess you could look at it as you can buy two RTIC’s for the cost of the Yeti. I can attest to their poor customer service I had a hard time getting them to answer questions. The gal I talked to finally admitted they had some cups & lids with defects but not all of them which sounded kind of funny the way she said it.

  37. Yep their coolers have a 7 year warranty and all other products are 90 day… customer service gal verified this. I’d be wiling to bet most people think the cups have a 7 year warranty and RTIC doesn’t go out of the way to clarify this.

      • Hi guys: I’m back with an update and some more observations about these mugs this thread has been unwinding since January.

        On August 5 I posted about my August 3rd purchase of a 30-ounce Ozark Trail tumbler at Wal-Mart store No. 3621 in Chamblee, Georgia, my nearest Wal-Mart store.

        Today, August 7, I took it back because loose metal in the bottom gave it the tinkling sound of a cheap Christmas bell.

        It took more than 30 minutes looking and not finding any Ozark Trail tumblers. They had the non-electric camp stove stainless steel percolator, no tumblers.

        At the Customer Service counter I was told that if I found the mug they could scan it for the UPC code and give me a straight swap-out exchange for the Christmas bell.

        After a bit somebody found six Ozark Trail tumblers on a pallet, four of them in a little cardboard display stand, two loose.

        I bout the four-pack, total price, including the swap-out, $31.27 including sales tax.

        Last Wednesday, around 6 PM, that store had 2 20-ounce tumblers, and about a dozen of the 30-ounce ones; no can coolers, and no 10-ounce lowball mugs. They also had quite a vast quanity of various styles and designs of double-wall stainless steel mugs and tumblers by Thermos, Contigo, and Bubba; some with handles, some without; and with various designs of lids with and without various types of closures.

        This morning, there were a few small stainless steel water bottles, a few Thermos brand mugs and tumblers, and lots of plastic from several brands. I did not find a single Contigo model, or any all-steel Bubba models.

        At one point, while trying to find somebody who could tell me where to find the Ozark Trail tumblers, or whether the store had any, one sales clerk said, “Oh, you mean the Yeti. If we have any, they’ll be in the sporting goods department.”

        As already mentioned, they found six and I bouth four, and took them home.

        Let’s hear it for Chinese-factory sample to sample variation. When I got home, the first thing I did was to weigh the four mugs, with the taped paper sleeve still attached, and with the lids on. Here were the weights: 1 pound 0.4 ounce; 1 pound 0.6 ounce; 1 pound 0.7 ounce; 1 pound 0.9 ounce.

        When I removed the tape and paper from around the heavier tumbler, its weight droped to 1 pound 0.6 ounce.

        If you buy one of these, keep the receipt and that paper sleeve. It says that the Ozark Trail tumbler has a lifetime warranty. That sleeve also has the usual-suspect care and use directions. You know, all that stuff about don’t freeze it, don’t nuke it in the Mmicrowave oven, don’t give it a bath in the dishwasher, etc., etc.

        Now it remains to test it hot and test it cold. And, just in case you wanted to know, not one Christmas bell in the whole lot. The gaskets also feel much better than the gasket on the one I returned.

        As for handles and slide-close lids, I’ve found three: The thermik handle reviewed by the Leighgendarium; The Grivitz handles, and The Handl’r. Websites are what you might guess:

        The Handl’r has two styles for the 30-ounce tumblers and one for the 20-ounce. They also have lids, and they have a range of colors and you can mix and match colors among the handles and the rings. Their prices seem to be the cheapest of the three products.

        I have not yet bought or test any of these, yet.

  38. Just picked up an Ozark Trail 30oz this morning. I have had an RTIC 30oz for several months along with a Yeti 20oz I won as a door prize at a conference.

    I don’t have them side by side with me right now but I’m thinking this Ozark Trail is better made. The cup feels thicker and the lid is much thicker than the RTIC. The seal on this one is uber tight!

  39. Now we’re up to August 15 and I have updates re: my post on August 5.

    the weights of similar 30-ounce tumblers seem to vary widely between 14 ounces to 14.6 ounces (without lids). Whether Ozark Trail or YETI, the lids seem to weigh the same 2.1 ounces each (after checking 7 samples).

    My YETI 30-ounce Rambler weighs 14 ounces withut lid, same as the lightest Ozark Trail. The heaviest of my current 4 Ozark Trail tumblers weighs 14.6 ounces without the lid. That’s half an ounce more metal.

    I have in the last few days acquired two of the Reduce Cold-1 34-ounce tumblers. There is 0.3 ounce difference in total weight between the two. If you want the ultimate lid, Reduce Everyday has what you’re looking for. It weighs 3 ounces (without the included 0.3-ounce tritan co-polymer straw). This really is a spil-proof lid, since it has a plug on a hinged arm to close the drink opening, and a plug on a smaller arm to close the separate straw hole in the center of the lid. The Reduce Cold-1 is a little taller and very slightly wider than the Ozark Trail or YETI, but because of the shape at the top, the Reduce lid actually fits the Ozark Trail and the YETI. The lids for the OT and the Y fit very loosely on the R, so don’t try it with something that might stain your shirt! The Reduce lid fits its own cup quite snugly. It fits on the YETI and the Ozark Trail cups even more snugly.

    Reduce sells the lids and the straws separately. They might even sell the gasket separately, somebody else seems to be able or willing to do.

    As of today, Monday, August 15, Reduce is out of stock on lids and straws; we’re still waiting on availability. Reduce is also working up a handle for the 34-ounce tumblers.

    I bought my two Dold-1’s at a Kroger supermarket, and I hear they are available at Costco. They are also available from a few resellers on;.

    Price per Reduce Cold-1 at Kroger was $29.99. I hear they are about $22 and some change at Costco. Someone said that Costco had a two-pack which also included extra lids and four tritan straws.

    I only have one YETI 30-ounce Rambler, so I can’t speak to the difference in weight across multiple samples.

    I have the YETI and the Ozark Trail in 20-ounce versions. Each weight 12.5 ounces with lid, and the lids each weigh 1.6 or 1.7 ounces. The 20-ounce RTIC tumbler is a full 2 ounces lighter. Its standard lid weighs 1.3 ounces and its extra-cost optional slider lid weighs 1.5 ounces. The RTIC feels lighter and considerably less substantial in my larger-than-average hand than the Ozark Trail or the YETI.

  40. I was looking at a yetti tumbler as one of my Christmas gifts to my son and he mentioned that he heard there was a comparable tumbler from coleman for a cheaper price. Does anyone know if there is one, what it is called, where I can find it and if there are any reviews to compare to the yetti or others mentioned above ?

  41. (My take on the Orca Chaser please forgive my writing and spelling)

    In an earlier post I mentioned I had a 30 oz. Yeti Rambler on the way and was looking for a better lid… one that closed. Well once I received the Yeti I just didn’t like it being much larger than I thought. It also felt heavy to me but maybe had more to do with the shape of the cup. Anyway I immediately ordered the 27 oz. Orca Chaser (Team Chaser to be exact) and could tell right off that was the cup for me. Even though it’s only an ounce or two lighter than the Yeti it felt much more manageable in my hands. It’s shaped just enough differently plus a little lighter that it makes all the difference in the world. Yes, you lose 3 oz. but it’s also more likely to fit more cup holders which is a real plus. Orca’s largest size tumbler is 27 oz. but that’s about the perfect size IMHO.

    Really though what I’ve found to be the most important thing with these tumblers is the lids, and that’s where the Orca Team Chasers stand out. Just how important/nice it is to have a lid that seals good plus does not leak. I should first explain that Orca sells a regular Orca Chaser tumbler which is stainless steel and has a standard non sealable lid… also less expensive. Then they have what they call Team & HG (High Gloss) Chasers. The Team Chasers have a textured powder coating finish (in several colors) and the HG models (4 colors) is a slicker finish similar to the regular stainless steel cups. The one I bought is the camo Real Tree Max 5/Black in the Team Chaser line (but not powder coated) which has a slicker finish… no issues with that though.

    (I did buy mine on Amazon for $40 shipped with Amazon Prime).

    Ok back to the lids. While the regular Orca Chaser has a non-sealable lid the Team & HG Chasers come with the newer style Whale Tail Flip Top lid. It’s easier to explain by this link although keep in mind even though it’s shown with a regular Orca Chaser it only comes with the more expensive Team & HG Chasers. The one pictured is for a clear lid so now would be the time to mention that some of the Team & HG Chasers come with colored lids… but not all. My lid is black and not very transparent but looks great on my cup. The clear one in the link will shortly be available where anyone could purchase this for their regular Chaser or if you didn’t like your colored one… a very nice option.

    As far as the lid sealing, well I’ve lost it a few times flying out of my hand trying to remove it because it fits so tight. (LOL) I read somewhere someone having trouble with a different brand tumbler sealing too tight and he used some Virgin Olive Oil solving his issue. I’m not ready to try that yet because I kind of like the idea of the lid sealing tight. I can put my finger over the air hole on the lid and then turn the cup upside down and it DOES NOT leak. I’m still amazed at that because I was holding my 85-year-old mother’s Mossy Oak tumbler the other day which has somewhat of a closable lid and accidently tilted it but only a little. I wasn’t thinking about it leaking but I ended up with a big pool of water on the floor… good thing it was only water.

    Bottom line I love my Orca Team Chaser and it has an incredible lid to boot. In the 27 oz. to 30 oz. size tumblers I would highly recommend it over the larger cups. I also love all the different colors you can get them in. Yes, they are more expensive than the RTIC, Ozark Trail, Mossy Oak, etc. but you do get a great sealing lid & sharp looking finishes. I kick myself for not trying the Orca lid on the Yeti before I sent it back so don’t know if it would fit. I do find the Reduce Cold-1 cups intriguing though mainly because of its similar style lid and a slightly smaller profile. If I were to try out another tumbler at this point it would be to try the Cold-1 cups but very, very, satisfied with my Orca.

    It’s all about the lids though because they all keep things cold!

  42. Maybe I’m wrong here but I assumed all lids had an air hole on them which in turn would leak liquid if the cup was turned upside down. When testing the Orca for being spill-proof I merely covered the air hole when turning the cup upside down otherwise absolutely leak proof.

  43. Thanks I stand corrected apparently the Cold-1 is meant to be used with the straw hole open so it has a air hole. I know if I cover up the air hole on my lid it’s hard to drink from the cup.

    Whenever Cold-1 lids gets their lids back in stock I may order one for my mother’s Mozzy Oak 30 oz tumbler and hope it fits. I just tried your LEIGH20 code and it still works at their website. Also Bed, Bath & Beyond sells their Cold-1 tumbler and you can usually find a 20% off coupon.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Actually, you can drink out of it with the straw hole closed. That is how I use it mainly. The water still comes out fine with it closed. If you open it the water really comes out.

      The coupon code right now is good until the end of Sept 2016. I am asking them to extend it to the end of October 2016. Hopefully they will.

  44. I’ve had the 20oz Yeti tumbler for about a year and decided to get the 30oz version and I love it. Last week, I bought the Teal colored RTIC 30oz tumbler and did a comparison test. As for the size and design, frankly, they appear identical (it makes you wonder if they’re made by the same company or at least the same manufacturer). Also, I have the straw lid for the Yeti, and it fits perfectly on the RTIC. I put two cups of ice in each and monitored them for over a 24 hour period and they both held the ice at the same rate- no joke. About the only difference I can find between the two is that the Yeti claims to be dishwasher-safe, while the RTIC says it’s not. Walmart sells an even cheaper brand (Ozarka?) for about $10, and it makes you wonder if these aren’t just the same tumblers with different logos on them. The Yeti 30oz tumbler ran around $39.99, while the RTIC Teal (it comes it Teal Blue, White, and Black) are $19.99- and if you get the stainless steel version, it’s $14.99 on their website. I also have a Tundra 65 cooler, but I did get the RTIC Soft-Pac 40 cooler for $149 (the equivalent Yeti Hopper 40 is $399). I won’t be shelling out any more of my hard-earned $$$ on Yeti products. Live and learn.

  45. Thanks for the excellent review, Preston. The one question I have that I don’t think has been addressed is whether either of these can be used with carbonated drinks, esp. sparkling water.

  46. Great side-by-side comparison, I’m glad I went with RTIC! Recently Amazon had a one-day sale where the RTIC 30oz tumblers were $11.99 (and free shipping with Amazon Prime or free shipping with a purchase of $49.99 or more)…great buy!

  47. A friend of mine had a Yeti and told me how great it was. I went to Walmart thinking I could buy one there…wasn’t aware that you couldn’t, so I ended up buying the knockoff.
    It kept my coffee nice and hot. I have to drive 500-1,000 miles a pop a couple times a month for my job. I hate the gas station cups that only keep it hot for half an hour at best. This Walmart cup kept it hot for 2 hours plus. In fact, if the coffee is too hot, you won’t be able to drink it for over an hour. You have to get the temperature right when you pour it and put your milk in. I absolutely loved this cup.
    All that being said, the problem with the Walmart cup is the top. It sucks! It has a spill proof feature which the Yeti doesn’t have, but the design is terrible. It’s made up of two pieces of plastic and the coffee gets in between them every time you take a sip. It’s impossible to clean properly and I can’t imagine how bad the bacteria build up is.
    I didn’t know the Yeti top was different. Until I went to my sister’s house. They had a bunch of different Yetis that they absolutely love. And each of them has two different tops; one for sipping coffee and one with a hole for the permanent straw it comes with for cold drinks. The one with the straw costs $10 extra.
    I went to the store where my sister bought all of hers. I ended up buying both the 20 and 30 ounce cups and the extra straw tops. Cost me $100. I’m very happy with my purchase and I love the two different tops.
    I haven’t tested to see if the Yeti top fits on the Walmart cup yet (I’m on vacation) If it does, I’ll give that one to my mother. She’s been using my Yeti more than me, lol.
    I also saw in Costco they have a different brand for sale for a great price…two 30oz. cups for $20. I couldn’t see the design of the top through the packaging so I don’t know how it compares to the Yeti. And I would have bought the Costco brand but I wanted a 20 and a 30 oz…not two 30’s.
    All in all, I believe there is very little difference between any of these brands. People have done tests and say the knockoffs have one more ice cube than the Yeti at the end of the day or the coffee is 2 degrees hotter after 4 hours. Who cares? They all work really, really well.
    So get whatever you’re comfortable paying for and enjoy it. $100 means nothing to me and I love what I bought. If you’re on a budget or like to pinch pennies, get the Costco brand. Either way, they should last a lifetime..

    • Profile Cover Art

      Was the Walmart brand you got Ozark Trail? It doesn’t sound like that is the one you got from Walmart. The Ozark Trail tumbler is great. The one from Costco is a Reduce Tumbler. I love those. I did review thise as well here. There is a coupon code on that review for 20% off your entire order. They do have a 24 oz Tumbler.

      Glad you found one you like. Hope it continues to work out.

  48. Be sure to check what their warranties cover. I purchased an Rtic tumbler and extra lid that closes. My lid cracked right at the mold seam, it was still under warranty, but they wouldn’t replace it. They said that’s the way they are. This is not true, because my husband also has one and his is smooth, as was mine before I heard it pop. The customer service woman I talked was very snippy with me. Good customer service ties a long way, and I didn’t receive it.

  49. I ordered the cup lBEX it is 30 oz . I had to pay extra for the lid that doesn’t spill but they are very nice and it seems to be working they say it’s 72 hours I’m looking forward to these hot summers and have a nice the whole time went through so many cups that I’m glad to find one I’m going to enjoy

  50. Thanks to everyone for the reviews and comments about the tumblers. One of my students has a Yeti, and another has the Ozark. Last week I stopped at Buc-ee’s in-between Fort Worth and Denton (Texas) and ran across the Rctic tumblers, coolers, and stainless steel bottles (18, 36, and 64 ounces). Your reviews, as well as those from my students, have helped. This weekend I shall return to Buc-ee’s in order to purchase the pink 30 oz tumbler, splash-proof lid, handle, and the 36 oz bottle (a full 64 oz bottle would be amazing if I worked outside in the horrible Texas heat). I am a teacher, and both will be perfect for my train and bus commute to school, for my classroom, and for frequent travel. Thanks again.

  51. Your ice test is flawed ? Fill each tumbler with same amount of water and freeze both solid for a day or whatever it takes to freeze 20 to 30 oz of water. Then see which melts faster ? The varying sizes and shapes of the cubes, unless you weigh the tumblers and determine the same amount of ice is in the tumblers exists, the results will always differ slightly.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Thank you for reading my review. You cannot put the tumblers in the freezer. Both of them say it can mess up the vacuum insulation. I don’t understand the tests where people see how long it takes for ice to melt, these are cups and not tumblers. As for my ice cups being the same size, as far as I know they are because our ice cubes come from ice trays.

  52. have you tried GLACIIO tumblers? look very much like the 30 oz yeti and ibex. would like to know what you think if you have tried it. I have been on the same mission for about the same reason minus the kidney stone….yet.

  53. Warning to all my friends,if your like me I use my YETI cup ALL the time , I absolutely love it, I was outside with mine last night while Ramiro was grilling and the sun hit the lid just right and I noticed something strange looking, upon closer inspection I noticed that it looked like MOLD was growing and spreading around the rubber seal on the lid ( I tryed removing the rubber seal but it is on there good, they do not intend for it to be removed I guess I’m) . I used a toothpick to get in there and scrape some of it out ( it was nasty & totally disgusting) it does appear to be mold. I have contacted Yeti Corporate offices to discuss this with them and find out what they have to say about it. I have included pics so you can see, I urge you to check yours to, I have a very weak immune system and can not afford to be any sicker than I’ve already been this year, and like most of you I would of never even thought about this , if I hadn’t of seen it myself. Protect yourself & your health my friends…….. You are more than welcome to pass this along to get the word out to others . Drink safe my friends ??.
    In response to my post earlier about my YETI cup lid, Corporate just returned my call….. The man I spoke to suggested ( since he said he had no doubt that mold could grow under the seal, geeze, thanks for the warning ahead of time ) to take a screwdriver and pry the seal off and wash it, he of course told me that I don’t wanna do this often because it will stretch it out. So basically YES your lid can grow mold, and Yetis solution is PRYYYYY the seal off clean it and carry on . BE SAFE

  54. Hi! Thanks for the review. I just bought a 30oz Rtic today (actually I bought two) and they were only $10.99 which is such a steal.

  55. I will continue to buy Yeti since they were really the first to be aggressive with their product line. If you look at their website, they are still coming out with new products. I feel that others jumped on the bandwagon and copied so much of what they do. While I believe in a capitalistic economy and free market, I also prefer to support companies who have an interest in outdoor gear. Yeti is a company geared towards avid outdoor enthusiasts. Ozark Trail, RTIC, Rocky Mountain, and the others are just jumping into the business market. They aren’t entrepreneurs.

  56. I have an RTIC 20oz and I got it from buckeyes for about… $10 and it works great!! I had a peice of ice and some water in my cup, I had left it in the hot car for the night, and in the morning, it was still cold!! Its amazing

  57. Has anybody noticed their RTIC tumbler have a drop off in performance? When I first got my tumbler in Nov. 2016 I would fill it up with ice water at night and it would still have ice almost 24 hours later. Now Jan. 2017 my ice will be gone by 10am the next day. My wife has noticed it as well. Anybody else notice a drop off?

  58. RTIC could compete with Yeti because it stole their manufacturing method and basically made the exact same product regarding hard sided coolers and drinking cups. RTIC lost a lawsuit to Yeti and has to discontinue making products for which they stole the design and intellectual property.

    I own the RTIC soft sided lunchbox and really like it.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Todd. I knew a while ago there was a lawsuit but didn’t know it was settled. I have noticed that Walmart really changed their design. I am not sure if RTIC has or not. I personally prefer the Reduce Tumblers.

  59. Stay away from RTIC. Horrible customer service and they do not stand behind their product. If you do not buy directly from RTIC, you get no warranty. Was given a 30 oz tumbler as a gift 2 months ago. It was purchased at Bucee’s in TX about the time it was given to me. I started hearing rust rattling around within the tumbler. I assume the vacuum seal failed. Contacted RTIC and they told me if I did not buy direct from them they would do nothing about their faulty product.

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