Product/Customer Service Review: Mission Belt

Make sure to read until the very end, Mission Belt Co. has a special coupon code just for my readers!

SS spotlight 2April 26, 2013.  It was a Friday night and I was watching a show that I love, Shark Tank.  For those of you who might not know, Shark Tank is a show where a small business comes into the “shark tank” and pitch their company to five “sharks” who might or might not invest in the company.

On this night a company called Mission Belt Co. came on and pitched their belt.  I wondered what would make this belt so different from all the others.  Then Nate Holzapfel walks in and starts to pitch the Mission Belt.

“Everyone owns a belt.  Most people own a few.  And in a thousand years, this everyday accessory has hardly changed.  And some people might ask, why reinvent the wheel?  At the Mission Belt Company we asked, why not?”

Now what makes this belt so different? The belt has no holes.  It has a unique ratchet system instead, think a zip-tie for your pants.  

As soon as Nate showed how the belt worked I paused the episode, ran to my computer, and ordered a belt.  This is the first item I have ever bought off of Shark Tank.

Due to the ratchet system, you can actually get a better fit with your belt. The zip-tie feature allows for a more “custom” fit.  Belts with holes adjust every 1″. The ratchet system with the Mission Belts allow for the fit to adjust every 1/4″.

What advantages does the no-hole system have?  Simple: holes stretch over time and your belt becomes loose and the next hole might be too tight.  Woven belts stretch also.  But this belt does not stretch and you get the perfect fit every time.

Another feature I like with the Mission Belt is that if you gain a few pounds you just adjust the belt a few notches.  If you lose weight you can actually trim the belt down.  The belt buckle comes off and you can actually get a pair of scissors and trim the belt to make it smaller if you lose weight.

I have now been using the Mission Belt for over three years.

About two years ago I needed to get a different size belt.  I have been wearing the same belt everyday for almost two years.  I literally wear this belt 7 days a week.  I wear it to work and I wear it to church.  I love this belt.

Sometime over the past couple of months, my belt started to crack.  I decided to go ahead and order another one because I love them so much.  I ordered on a Monday and it arrived on Wednesday in the mail.  I then got online with their online chat support and asked if there was anything I could do to keep it from cracking.  They told me to contact customer support because Mission Belts have a “no crack” guarantee.  They would replace it for me.

I asked, “Even though I have had the belt for almost two years?”

They responded, “Yep.  They are guaranteed not to crack.”

3AMR-RRD-1.5_b21984ad-5ddd-4802-971e-1479e6c87cbb_largeThey then gave me an email address and they asked me to upload some pictures.  I did as I was instructed and received a reply and refund in less than five minutes from the company.

How many companies do you know that will do that?  I don’t know many myself.

There are two reasons I constantly tell people about Mission Belt Co. and their belts:

  1. They are literally the best belts that money can buy.
  2. Their customer support is amazing.

Mission Belt also has a ton of colors, designs, and even sports teams to choose from.  There are so many different combinations you can do with these belts.

There is a reason why it is called the Mission Belt Co.

Here at Mission Belt Co, we don’t just want our customers to look good – we want them to feel good too. That’s why a DOLLAR from every belt sold goes to fight global hunger and poverty. Having lived and worked across the globe, we’ve seen firsthand the struggles of those who aren’t as fortunate in their circumstances through no fault of their own. There are so many industrious, motivated people striving for a better life for themselves and their families. Sometimes, the only thing holding them back is a little capital to get started to break the poverty cycle. A few hundred dollars to buy a cow, a few chickens, or supplies to sell, can mean the difference between unemployment and a productive, independent business.

We decided to start a company that is so focused on fighting world hunger and poverty, that you’ll know about our “Mission” from the second you hear our name. We’ll be the first to admit that our no-holes belts are pretty awesome, and you’d probably want to have one regardless of our Mission. But even more important than producing the world’s sleekest, most stylin, and most comfortable belts, is making sure we can do it in a socially responsible way. Every time you put on your belt, and hear the ‘click click’ of the perfect fit, you can remember that you too are a part of the Mission.

So not only do you get one of the best belts around, but you are also supporting a great cause.

Thank you, Mission Belt Co.  I have been a customer since 2013 and will continue to be one until either I am no longer alive or for some reason you shut down.

Mission Belt Co. has a special coupon code good for you, my readers.  Use coupon code LEIGH10 to receive 10% off your ENTIRE order!  This coupon code is good until the end of September 2016.

To check out the Mission Belt Co. and their belts, head on over to their website.  Don’t forget to use the coupon code.

Their belts can also be found on Amazon.


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  1. My son and my husband both have these belts! They are amazing! If I wore belts, I would buy one for myself.

  2. Ordered two Click Belts (Black and Brown) on 06/29/17. Called company to ask what was delivery date. Was told by Customer Service Rep that Brown was not available so I would have to wait for both colors were available before any belt would be shipped. Cancelled order, but will see if the credit my account or just charge me and see if I will complain after both are delivered. Rep said she didn’t know who owner or CEO is of the company. Supervisor was not available.

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