Tumbler Review: Reduce vs RTIC vs Ozark Trail

VS (4)Back on January 19, 2016, I did a review where I compared the RTIC Tumbler to the YETI Tumbler. (If you have not read the review you can read it here.) Since then, I have been asked by several people whether I have tried the Reduce Cold-1 34 oz Tumbler. I had never heard of the company, but since several people asked about it, I decided to contact them.

NOTE:  I did contact Reduce about their tumbler and they graciously sent me one of the Cold-1 34 oz Tumblers to try out. They asked only that I give an honest review.

Let’s compare each cup:

What They Are Made Of:


From left to right: Reduce, RTIC, Ozark Trail. Click to enlarge picture.

Reduce:  Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel (34 oz)
RTIC:  Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel (30 oz)
Ozark Trail:  Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel (30 oz)

Observations: Each cup is made of the same material. If you close your eyes and touch each one, I do not believe that you would be able to tell them apart. Each tumbler also uses vacuum insulation and also claims to be “sweat proof.” I do find this to be true; I have yet to have a tumbler sweat on me.

I will mention this: about two weeks ago, the RTIC fell off the top of my car onto the pavement. I forgot it was on top of my car and it fell over on my roof, rolled down the back window and onto the ground. I would say that it fell maybe 3.5 feet and it did put two small dents into the tumbler. The fall didn’t seem to impact the performance. This is the first time it was ever dropped. So I’m not 100% sure how well it would hold up against other types of falls. It might be ok or it might dent some.

Winner: Tie. (Unless capacity is important, then Reduce is the winner.)

The Lid:

Untitled design

Reduce Tumbler lid on top and the RTIC on the bottom. The Ozark Trial lid looks just like the RTIC, except the one I got was tinted.

Reduce: Plastic Spill-Proof Lid Plus A Place For Straw
RTIC: Plastic Lid w/Slot For Straw
Ozark Trail: Plastic Lid

ObservationsLet me talk about each one separately here. First is RTIC. The lid RTIC puts on the tumbler is your normal plastic lid with a rubber seal around it. The slit where you drink does have an extra “hump” in it so a straw can fit more easily, if you prefer a straw (sold separately). The lid feels good. Above I mentioned how it fell off my car and onto the pavement. In that fall the lid did completely shatter. I was actually stunned that it shattered. Luckily I had an extra 30 oz RTIC Tumbler in the house and was able to use that lid.

On to the Ozark Trail Lid. The Ozark Trail Tumbler is the second one I bought. I was not happy with the first one. The rubber seal around the lid came off far too easily, in my opinion. So I went and bought a second one. I took the lid off of about 10 tumblers before I found one I was happy with. The first tumbler had a clear lid. This new one has a lid that is tinted. I did a quick Google search on the new lid but was unable to find any kind of information on it. I am not sure if it is polarized. My initial thought is that the darker lid might actually help keep some of the sunlight out of the tumbler and would therefore help the ice not melt as quickly. I will find out more as I test it, will let you know more in the test results below. The Ozark Trail lid feels just like the RTIC lid. If I had my eyes closed, I am not sure that I could tell them part. I am guessing that if it fell off my car, the lid would shatter, but I cannot say that for sure. I have only ever dropped a tumbler once. This lid does not have the extra “hump” that allows you to fit a straw more easily into it. If you have a normal straw, like the kind you get at a restaurant, then I believe you will be ok.

Finally the Reduce lid. I love this lid and I believe this is why people have been asking me if I used this tumbler. It comes with a spill-proof lid and a very nice, heavy duty straight, plastic straw. The lid has a separate area for the straw and both areas are spill proof. According to Reduce, you can drink from this tumbler three ways:

1) Drink. Drinking through the slit with the straw area closed. This is just like drinking from any other tumbler.
2) Gulp. Drinking from the slit with the straw area open. This allows for the water to come out faster. Do I think I will ever drink like this? No.
3) Sip. I’m not much of a straw drinker, but I know there are people who prefer it. I would also like to say this about the straw: I have seen some straws that have a plastic ring on them to keep the straw from falling out. This straw does not have one, and I wish it did. If it did, then I believe it would be a home run.

The Reduce lid also feels like it is made better. It feels thicker in some areas and I do not believe it would break as easily as the RTIC lid did.


Click image for website

Winner: Reduce. For me it comes down to the fact that the lid that comes with the tumbler is spill proof. Other places will charge you an extra $6-$10 for a spill-proof lid. Then if you want a heavy duty straw, like the Reduce Tumbler comes with, you will be charged for it. I also believe (results below) that having a spill-proof lid will trap the cold air and help the ice last even longer.


Reduce: Lifetime
RTIC: 90 Days
Ozark Trail: Lifetime

Observations: Now I will admit, this is a category that I did not care about at first. That was before I had my incident with RTIC. I thought that RTIC had a 7-year warranty but found out I was wrong when I called. The 7-year warranty is only on their coolers. Their tumblers have only a 90-day warranty, so my cup was no longer covered.

I did contact Reduce about their lifetime warranty and they sent me their guidelines for the lifetime warranty. They are:

All Reduce® products are now protected by a lifetime guarantee. We guarantee that your Reduce product will be free from any defects caused by craftsmanship and/or bad material. We will replace any defective item at no cost to you. If you find that your product has failed to live up to any advertised promises, we will replace it free of charge or provide you with another product of equal or lesser value.

The lifetime guarantee does not cover any damage that may have been caused by the consumer due to normal wear and tear or misuse.

Winner: Reduce & Ozark Trail. With both of these companies having a lifetime warranty, it shows me that they believe in their product and stand behind it 100%. If I ever have any problem, I know that they will take care of me, because they really do care about their customers. It also tells me that maybe, just maybe, their product might be made better than RTIC’s.

***I know that Reduce’s does not cover any damage in their lifetime warranty. I know that Walmart does take back almost everything. That is why I say tie, but you could give an edge to Ozark Trail here since they are sold at every Walmart.***


$29.99 (their website & Amazon)
$23.99 (20% off total purchase w/coupon code LEIGH20 good until October 31, 2016 on their website)

$19.99 (their website)
$17.64 (Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$25.98 (tumbler & spill-proof lid from their website)
$27.18 (tumbler & RTIC spill-proof lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$18.66 (tumbler & generic spill-proof lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)

Ozark Trail:
$9.74 (Wal-Mart stores & Wal-Mart website)
$17.00 (Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$11.68 – $17.73 (Tumbler from Wal-Mart & Yeti spill-proof Lid from Amazon)
$18.94 – $24.99 (Tumbler & Yeti spill-proof Lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)

image (1)Winner: Ozark Trail. Their cups are the least expensive. Where you are going to spend extra money is if you want a spill-proof lid (I recommend one that fits a YETI), and if you want a straw to go with it. If you want a spill-proof lid, you will more than likely have to order from Amazon unless Ozark Trail decides to start making their own. Even with the extra expense for a lid, Ozark Trail costs the least.

Test Results & Conclusion

When it comes to testing tumblers, I hate it when I see someone just put ice in the cup to see how long the ice will last. To me that is not a realistic test. Do you put ice in a cup and wait for it to melt before you start to drink it? No. You put ice in the cup and then your drink.

That is how I tested these tumblers. I filled them each to the top with ice. We do not have an ice maker, so we use ice trays. Each of the ice cubes was the same size, from the same type of ice tray. Since the Reduce Tumbler is a 34 oz tumbler, it did require more ice, and it was filled to the top just like the others.


Reduce (Left), Ozark Trail (Middle), and RTIC (Right)

With stainless steel tumblers, I think that when you test them you need to do it for a minimum of 2 days. The reason I believe that is for one reason. When you first get your tumbler, you should hand wash it in warm water. This warms the tumbler up, and then it sits overnight at room temperature. So when you put your ice in there with your liquid, the ice is having to cool down both the tumbler and the liquid.

Day 1

The first day of testing started at 7:15 am. I then took all three tumblers to work. When I took a sip out of one tumbler, I took a sip out of the other two. I drank out of them until they were between 1/2–3/4 full. I then refilled them to the top.

All three tumblers did what they advertised: they kept my drinks cold all day. When I left work I still had ice in all three.

What time did the testing end for day 1? 10:15 pm. Fifteen hours of cold water, and the water was still cold when I emptied the tumblers. Below is a picture of each tumbler and how much ice was left. I knew that two of the tumblers would not have ice in it in the morning. But as I said, I believe that day 1 is not how each tumbler will perform, because the ice has to cool down the water and tumbler.


Ozark Trail on day 1 after 15 hours

Ozark Trail on day 1 after 15 hours


RTIC on day 1 after 15 hours


Reduce on day 1 after 15 hours

Day 1 Thoughts

Going into this test, my initial thought was that Reduce was going to blow away the other tumblers. I believed that way because the lid you get with it is spill-proof.  I thought that, with the holes covered, the ice would not melt as fast because the cold air would be trapped.  Am I surprised that it had this much ice left? No. But I did think it would have more. We will see what Reduce does after day 2.

I am surprised by the Ozark Trail and RTIC tumbler, but not surprised in a good way. I use the RTIC everyday and I always have ice left over the next morning, 24 hours later. I am hoping that the performance changes in day 2 with the tumblers now cold.

Day 2

Day 2 started right after day 1, 10:15 pm. Once I emptied the water and ice and took pictures, I then filled them back up with ice and water.

After letting the cups sit overnight I have come to a conclusion about my day 1 & day 2 test: It is not a good way to test the cups.

When I woke up and got moving, I checked on the cups. It was about 9:30 am and the tumblers had been sitting full of ice and water for almost 12 hours, but yet the RTIC & Ozark Trail had about 1/8 of their ice left. Most of it melted overnight. The Reduce tumbler had more ice than the RTIC and Ozark Trail tumblers.

Then it hit me:This isn’t how I use these tumblers. Here is how I use the tumblers on a daily basis: I fill them with ice and then water at about 7:15 am every work day and then I drink out of them until there is no water left in them. Then I fill it back up with water and repeat. Normally after 24 hours I still have ice left in the tumbler.

Now I needed to adjust my testing. So I decided that on day 3 I will take one tumbler to work, day 4 take another, and on day 5 take the last tumbler. That would be the best way to test them I think.


Click here for the RTIC website

Day 3, 4, and 5

I thought that maybe the reason I did not have as much ice at the end of the day was because each tumbler was not being used like I normally do.  Normally I drink out of just one tumbler, but due to the test on Day 1 & 2, I was taking sips out of all three tumblers.

Over the next few days, I tested each one individually.  I filled one of them to the top with ice, then put water in, and off I went to work.

I was slightly disappointed with my results compared to when I first tested the RTIC vs YETI back in January. When I originally tested the RTIC and YETI, I would have a good bit of ice 24 hours later. But I wasn’t getting those results this time.

Then it dawned on me that now it is the summer. The air is warmer, so the cup is warmer. Therefore, the ice will melt a little faster.

Conclusion & Top Pick

Here is the bottom line with these tumblers . . . they all work great. Each one of these cups, if you work inside in an office, will get you through a full day of work and whatever else you do. You will more than likely have ice still in the tumbler when you go to bed. So there are really only a few questions you need to ask:

  • How much do you want to pay for a tumbler?
  • Do you want any accessories to go with it?

For most people, you are just going to drink out of it at work and home. That is what I do. I have literally used a tumbler every day now for over two years. They are my preferred cup to use. I was talking to my brother, and he jokingly said that he was thinking of replacing all his household cups with these types of tumblers because that is all he uses now as well.

The performance of the tumblers really come down to three factors:

  • How big are your ice cubes?
  • What is the temperature of your liquid?
  • What is the ambient temperature?

When I use the ice at home, I can easily make it through a day of drinking. We do not have an ice maker and we have to use ice trays. The cubes are a decent size and last a long time in the tumblers. If I forget to make ice and have to run to McDonald’s or the gas station for ice, then I am screwed. The ice at the gas station and McDonald’s are the small square size ice cubes. Since the ice cubes are thin and not very big, I normally run out of ice by the end of the day.

For me this really comes down to two cups; the Ozark Trail and the Reduce.

Here is why I like the Ozark Trail:

  • It is inexpensive.
  • It works just as well as any tumbler out there.
  • Walmart takes anything back; just keep your receipt.

Here is why I like the Reduce Tumbler:

  • It holds more liquid and ice.
  • The ice lasts longer than the other tumblers.
  • They have a lifetime warranty against bad craftsmanship.
  • It comes with a straw.
  • The lid it comes with is spill-proof.

Click here for the Thermik website

When it comes to accessories, if it is something that is essential, I like to go with the brand that makes the product. If it is not an essential accessory, then I don’t mind going with a generic brand. For example, my cell phone. I have a Galaxy S7. When I bought a charger for the phone, I bought the Samsung charger. I know that there are generic brand chargers, but I know the one with Samsung will work correctly and there isn’t a chance of damaging my phone. But when it comes to a case for my phone, I use a generic brand, because it isn’t essential.

I am the same way with my tumblers. If I am going to get a different type of lid for my tumbler, I want to get a lid that I know will work without question. So if I am going to buy a lid, it will be from the brand that makes the tumbler. But if I want a handle for my tumbler, then I will more than likely go with a generic brand. For the YETI, RTIC, and Ozark Trail tumbler, I use the handle made by Thermik. Reduce is working on making a handle for their tumbler, and I would use that one because the Reduce tumbler is wider than the others.

If you are looking for accessories, like a spill-proof lid, Ozark Trail (from what I can find) does not make accessories. Your best bet is to find accessories that are made specifically for YETI. Their dimensions are about the same.

If the lid breaks on the Ozark Trail, you will just have to buy a new lid. If the lid breaks on the Reduce tumbler, you can head to their website and buy a new one.

When shopping for a tumbler, ask yourself: how much do I want to pay, and what am I going to use it for?

As for me, I say you can’t go wrong with either the Ozark Trail tumbler or the Reduce. It just depends on if you want a spill-proof lid and straw.

I hope this review has helped you. Let me know in the comments which tumbler you use. And let me know whether I changed your mind! If you have any questions, you can ask them there as well. I try to answer every question that is asked.

Here again are the prices of each one and links for where you can buy them:

$29.99 (their website & Amazon)
$23.99 (20% off total purchase w/coupon code LEIGH20 good until October 31, 2016 on their website)

$19.99 (their website)
$17.64 (Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$25.98 (tumbler & spill-proof lid from their website)
$27.18 (tumbler & RTIC spill-proof lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$18.66 (tumbler & generic spill-proof lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)

Ozark Trail:
$9.74 (Wal-Mart stores & Wal-Mart website)
$17.00 (Amazon as of 8/5/16)
$11.68 – $17.73 (Tumbler from Wal-Mart & Yeti spill-proof Lid from Amazon)
$18.94 – $24.99 (Tumbler & Yeti spill-proof Lid from Amazon as of 8/5/16)

Click here to read my original review, YETI Tumbler vs. RTIC Tumbler.

Click here to read my review of the Thermik Handle.

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44 Responses to Tumbler Review: Reduce vs RTIC vs Ozark Trail

    • Good job on that review there. I rather agree with most of what you said. The brand that started this whole insulated steel tumbler hoopla, YETI, has a limited 5-year warranty on their tumblers, only for the “original owner”. In addition to Reduce and Ozark Trail, other brands and sellers with lifetime warranties include: Buddey Drinkware, and Greens Steel (Beast tumblers/handles/accessories). Bubba Brands and Contigo also have long and generous warranties.

      The lid for the Reduce 34-ounce tumbler fits tightly on the YETI and Ozark Trail tumblers. The weakness of all the slider-type closure lids I’ve seen so far is in the design of the slider mechanism with long slots and plastic slider parts held in place by flimsy plastic tabs. The approach taken by Reduce and Contigo is much better for lid closure designs. The only way that Reduce could make that better would be to add at least a minimal threading so that the lid actually screws onto the tumbler, as with most of the Contigo and some of the Bubba models.

      Reduce also has a 24-ounce version of their tumblers and those lids are said by some reviews to fit on the 20-ounce YETI and Ozark Trail tumblers.

      For handles for all of these, I have so far narrowed my worthy choices to three. They would be, first, the Beast handle for 20- and 30-ounce tumblers, made by Greens Steel;
      and also sold through amazon.com.

      Next, would be a toss-up between the Thermik handles, reviewed and comented elsewhere on this blog; and the Buddy handle made by Buddy Drinkware;

      and all three sold on amazon.com.

      Another place that has most of these products is the California-based Diamond Organics,
      http://www.diamondorganics.com/ .

      I am considering buying and trying the Beast t30-ounce tumbler and the Beast handle for it. The description and claims on their own website and on those of the amazon.com seller links look really good, and they seem to have the highest overall customer ratings, even when compared to most of the other top contenders.

      As far as I am concerened, RTIC is out of the running for me. YETI is advertising handles for their tumblers and they are still supposedly working on a lid with some kind of splash-resistant sliding closure for a lid.

      I checked at a Wal-Mart store just tonight, August 31, and they were slap out of Ozark Trail tumblers. They only had a couple of the short can coolers, and plenty of space for tumblers. Apparently, when they get them in, they go back out almost as fast as they can unpack them.

      • Profile Cover Art

        Thank you for reading my review. Some Walmarts can keep the Ozark Trail in stock and others cannot. The Walmart closest to use has shelves and shelves of them, yet the Walmart near my in-laws can’t keep them in stock.

        Why is RTIC out of the running for you? Just curious.

        • You asked why RTIC is out of the running for me. A significant number of reviewers, including you, have had lids cracking, or even breaking. This is from normal accident incidents like being dropped off the hood or trunk of a car, or dropped on the floor in an office building. It was not even torture testing like dropping out of the bucket of a utility truck or out a third-floor window. Others have complained about sloppy, inferior finishing of the steel, especially on the inside. They have about the shortest least-inclusive warranty of any of their competitors, only 90 days, limited. Several others have life-time warranties.

          I have not seen, let alone bought, product from all of the nearly 40 different brands of these 20-34-ounce capacity tumblers of which I am aware, but I have bought or seen: RTIC, Ozark Trail, Yeti, Reduce Cold-1, Bubba Brands, Stanley, Thermos, and Contigo. Of all of them, the RTIC is the lightest and thinnest, with the flimsiest, lightest lids. I am considering returning the 20-ounce RTIC tumbler and the extra-cost slider lid. I found slighter lids on Amazon just like the RTIC versions, for half the price; with the only difference being that they don’t have the RTIC name.

          One seller on Amazon has the Beast 30-ounce tumbler with spill-proof lid and straw combo for $21 and some change, with 2-day free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. That’s less than the RTIC 20-ounce tumbler plus the extra-cost slide-closure lid from RTIC.

          One final issue is that the narrower diameter of the RTIC, especially the 20-ounce tumbler, means that most after-market third-party handles, and some of the lids, won’t fit on it.

          • Profile Cover Art

            Brent, I am not a fan of RTIC’s warranty. Hopefully they change it. I was shocked when my lid broke. I didn’t think it would. As for the handle, the Thermik I have fits on both the RTIC and YETI. We like the Reduce that we have. Have you looked into Orca? I know people that really like those. They might be a little higher priced though. Check out the Reduce. I know it is a little bigger, but we really like it.

  1. Hi, Preston,
    I have remarked fairly extensively about the Reduce Cold-1 34-ounce tumbler on your two other discussions here (Yeti Vs RTIC, and Review of Thermik handle), especially their lids. I think the Reduce lids are the best I’ve seen for any of these tumblers. By comparison, RTIC will sell you a slider lid for their tumblers to replace the standard lid that comes with them. In the 20-ounce version, the slider lid weighs 1.5 ounces, the regular one weighs about 1.2 or 1.3.

    On amazon.com you can get something called a “Keeper” lid for 20-ounce and 30-ounce tumblers, about $3.10 or $3.15 each. Their lid for the 20-ounce tumblers is just about the same shape and has the same slider design as the RTIC extra-cost option lid, except that the keeper weighs 1.7 ounces and definitely feels thicker and more solid than the RTIC lid.

    As for Reduce, you get the lifetime warranty, excellent customer service, by phone or email, a well-designed product with some nice features, and what just might be the best standard lid in the industry, no need to replace it on the third-party aftermarket. It also has a “passivated” interior where they electrically deposit another metal or other finish so that there will be no transfer of odors or flavors between the tumbler and its contents. Most other brands don’t make that claim, the one exception I’ve seen so far being the Beast tumbler by Greens Steel.

    I have an order for a 30-ounce Beast tumbler and a Beast handle for it ordered at amazon.com. You can get a bundle that includes the tumbler, a spill-proof lid and a straw for $21.95, and the handle for $9.99, both with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

    I am also considering the Buddy handles from buddy Drinkware; and I may pick up the 24-ounce version of the Reduce Cold-1.

    The reduce models are available also as a “Sport” model, which comes with a textred silicone sleeve around the body for an additional two dollars; or as an “Hombre” version, which for two bucks more than the standard Cold-1 comes in any one of about four or five colors other than the original stainless steel color.

    I checked out the Orca and read a bunch of reviews. It seemed like a good choice, but for a price in the $30.00 ballpark, it maxes out at 27-ounce capacity instead of 30. I like its name, since the Orca is one of my favorite marine animals.

    One thing I have remarked about in the other two discussions on your site is that the lid for the 34-ounce Reduce tumblers fits nicely, if very tightly, on the Yeti and the Ozark Trail 30-ounce tumblers, and the Reduce lid for their 24-ounce tumblers are said to fit on the Ozark Trail and Yeti 20-ounce tumblers. As of the end of August, they had lids in stock; handles are in the prototype stage; and the straws are expected to be back in stock by the middle of this month, September.

  2. Just as a note I found the Reduce in a two pack with four straws for $19.99 at my local Costco today. I own an Ozark Trail 30-oz but the lid leaks and the design of these looked much better. THEN I read your review… wouldn’t have hesitated even a second if I looked you up in the store. Costco’s customer satisfaction guarantee is the main reason I decided to give it a go.

    • I found that deal at Costco about a month ago. When I went to my nearest Costco, I found that, if they ever had any Reduce tumblers, by the time I got there, the stock had been reduced to zero. They only had a couple of Contigo items, and the colorful plastic Reduce Water Week bottles.

      On September 6, I got an email from amazon.com listing sources, prices, and availabilities (fulfilled on Amazon) of at least 40 brands of stainless steel insulated tumblers, mostly in the 20- to 30-ounce sizes.

      After two days of having to leave voicemails because nobody answered the phone, and still waiting an appropriate response to an email, I am still looking for a Return Merchandise Authorization number to return the 20-ounce RTIC tumbler and the extra-cost slide-closure lid.

      I am considering dressing up my Ozark Trail and YETI 30-ounce tumblers with 34-ounce tumbler lids from Reduce.

      My sister found about a dozen thick plastic straws (possibly Tritan material) on a clearance table in a local Wal-Mart store. They are about the same diameter and thickness as the straws that come with the Reduce tumblers, about half an inch shorter, and with a ring near the bottom to keep them from sliding out through the lid. They work perfectly in the Reduce lids. That would provide that near home run mentioned in the Reduce tumbler review on this site.

  3. Enjoyed reading your review of the tumblers, especially given the following:

    Wanted to share that I purchased a 2-pack of Reduce/Cold-1 30-oz tumblers for $19.99 at the Costco location nearest me. This package is only available at stores and for business members (only deliver to business addresses, according to the online posting).

    That’s TWO 30-oz tumblers for less than $20, or less than $10 per tumbler! Includes the spill-proof, 3-way lid for each tumbler, plus 4 of their plastic straws (1 per tumbler, plus 2 extras).

    I know that you reviewed the 34-oz Reduce/Cold-1 tumbler, but I guess Costco arranged for the 30-oz size to be sold at their stores.

    Here’s a link to the Costco.com listing: http://www.costcobusinessdelivery.com/Reduce-Cold-Stainless-Steel-Tumbler,-30-oz,-2-pk.product.100280926.html

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hello Lallie. Thank you for checking out the review. I did see the 2 pack at Costco but I had no idea they were 30 oz and not 34 oz. I know that the stores do sell them in the store, I have seen them there. I will have to look at them the next time I am in there. Still a great buy. I hope you enjoy yours.

  4. I just got the 34oz Reduce tumbler at Bed Bath and Beyond. They were $19.99 and I had a $5 off coupon for $15 purchase. Thanks for your report.

  5. Thanks for the very thorough review. I’ve had my Reduce 34 oz. tumbler since this summer and still love it. I also bought the 20 ounce version. Both are great. Just FYI, I find the Reduce tumbler to be comparable to my Hydroflask commuter cup (basically a water bottle with a tumbler-type lid).

    Have you seen the ads for the Ibex tumbler? It claims to keep ice for 72 hours. I’d like to see how those claims stand up to your thorough testing procedure.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Patti, I am glad you liked my review. I have heard of IBEX and I have contacted them twice with not a great response. I asked a few questions about their tumbler and was quickly passed off to someone who never returned my inquiry. I would LOVE to test it also because I do not think it will keep ice in my test for 72 hours.

        • Profile Cover Art

          Hey Jon. Sorry that you feel that way. I bought the RTIC and Ozark myself. After the test I have bought 4 more of the Reduce tumblers. The Reduce Tumblers we have bought have become our daily tumblers. I use one everyday at work and so does my wife. They are our go to tumblers. There was no bias with this review.

  6. I have been using a Reduce (24oz size) for at least 6 months. I run out of water before my ice. (Husband has 33oz one).
    I live in south Florida and it sits in my car and still has lots of ice when I come back.
    I do wish they would make a handle so at night when it’s on my nightbtable it would be easier to grab.
    Other than that I LOVE it and all the great features in the lid.
    If you her about a handle for
    This please post it.

  7. Great review. Prices seem to be coming down. I bought RTIC 30oz off Amazon for 11.99 PRIME (Nov15-2016)(shippinig 2 day included) At that price the warrantee is less important for me.

  8. Great review. I have a 30 Oz Ozark Trail Tumbler and love it. Plus I was able to get it with powder coating for $9.74. The best part-I dropped it from waist high (I am 6′ tall) onto my concrete driveway. No dings at all and my lid is intact!

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hello Mary. Thank you for reading the review. I am glad you liked it. I have a powder coated 20 oz Ozark Trail, but that is the only time I saw a powder coated one. They are good looking and a great deal. Glad yours is holding up.

  9. I’d be interested in hearing if anyone has tried the Reduce Core 12 oz Mug it doesn’t get very good reviews on Amazon? I’m looking for a 12 – 16 oz cup for coffee that has both a spill proof lid & handle.

    The handle is not a deal breaker so would consider other other options. I see Reduce has a Steel Coffee Pint has anyone tried this cup? I don’t believe it has a spill proof lid though.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Mike, Thanks for reading the review. I have the 34 oz Reduce Tumbler and I can’t get it away from my wife. She loves it, and I do to when I get to use it. I haven’t ride the Reduce Core 12 oz mug though.

  10. I am never surprised that all these tests find the same results with Yeti, Rtic, Ozark Trails, or Axis cups. They are all double-walled stainless steel. There is nothing magical about them, so it makes sense that they all work just as well. Oh, and if you want to do a test with empirical and not subjective data (numbers vs. “looks the same amount to me”), do it with a digital thermometer. Take measurements every 15 minutes or hour or whatever and record the temperatures. If you want to simulate “sipping”, either tip sealed cups so no water escapes (lets the water contact the possibly warmer sides above the chilled water) or tip them, then remove a measured quantity of water every hour with a graduated cylinder or dropper. But you’ll find over time, almost identical performance.

    As for the lid shattering – acrylic will do that. Polycarbonate will not.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Dave. I am not surprised that they all perform the same either. I do think the Reduce Tumbler will last a little long due to the fact it comes with a spill proof lid. My thinking it is will trap the cold air in the cup when not being used.

  11. I bought two of the reduce cold1 rumbler. My cup is working great. But my wife’s cup the lid is getting lose. We bought our cups at the same time. We bought them in the middle of November,2016. Now we have to spend another $10.00 for a new lid. half the price of the cup.

  12. It seems like this thread is still running. I have some updates.

    Ozark Trail now has a 40-ounce tumbler. It goes for $22.99 at amazon.com. I saw a post where somebody payed around $13 and some at a Wal-Mart store.

    There is something called the Pure Huge 40-ounce tumbler that sells for around $29.99 to $34.99 at amazon and the company’s own site. They claim that it “holds ice longer than any other cup on the planet”.

    Then there is the Reduce Cold-1 40-ounce mug. It has their 3-way snap-closure lid and a straw. It is a little taller than the 34-ounce version. Oh, you want a handle with that? It’s already got one!

    It is on the: http://www.reduceeveryday.com/ website for $34.99 plus shipping, which is about $7.99 or so.

    Academy Sports and Outdoors has it on their site reduced to $19.99 (probably plus shipping unless you spend a minimum amount). Their model comes in a “Forest tree camo” pattern.

    Handles for the other sizes of Reduce tumblers are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017 according to the lady with whom I spoke about 20 minutes before I started writing this post.

    The Academy Outdoors regular price for the camo-pattern Reduce 40-ounce mug is $29.99.

    I saw mention of Ozark Trail tumblers available in navy blue.

    I have not had good luck with the powder coatings on some of the stainless steel mugs I’ve bought recently. I’ll stick with the plain old naked stainless steel. I have a Contigo 24-ounce “Byron Snap Seal” tumbler with a matte black finish and one they call “stormy weather” which is a sort of gray/blue color. The black finish started coming off early, and the other one has a few dings in the finish, but not in the underlying stainless steel.

    If you have a powder-coated steel cup that is shedding its color skin, just apply a little pain thinner; let it sit there for a few minutes; wipe it off; apply another thin coat of thinner for good measure; then wash it off really well. Then you’ll just have a nice stainless steel drinking vessel.

    Remember guys, the Ozark Trail and Reduce tumblers/mugs come with a life-time guarantee.

    Somebody mentioned about a lid no longer fitting tightly on a Reduce tumbler. I think they might actually sell you a replacement gasket for that lid without you having to buy the whole lid. Nobody else does that as far as I know.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Brent. Thanks for stopping by and for all of your extra info. I saw the Ozark Trail 40 oz Tumbler in stores and it is $12.97 and I almost bought one. I didn’t. I went back a few days later and I can’t find it. Maybe after Christmas.

  13. I have the RTIC, my first tumbler. It has been a great experience. I have had not issues and it keep everything cold or hot. The quality seems very good to me. i just do not have any complaints. I do not need a straw (probably would lose it anyway). I am tempted to try the Reduce 1 at Costco for the price. I just saw it today.

  14. I recently bought both the Ozark Trail and the Reduce 1 40oz tumblers and have one insight that I haven’t seen in print. The base of the OT is a smaller diameter and fits perfectly in my cars cup holder. The base of the R1 is about 1 cm larger and doesn’t fit. I’ve relegated it to desk duty and use the OT in the car. I’m still looking for a plastic handle that will fit the OT mug. The paracord ones I see on Amazon don’t appeal to me and I think the way they attach would keep the mug from fitting in my cup holder. In my opinion, the R1 would be the best, if the base were smaller. As it is, my vote goes to the OT mug as the best value (I paid $13 at Walmart…).

  15. Since you originally started with Tervis, do you plan on doing a comparison review of their new stainless tumbler? I would be very interested in the results as I use my plastic Tervis exclusively at this point (no glassware in my home)! I’m actively trying to decide which stainless timber to buy.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Jody, I did not know that Tervis made a stainless steel tumbler now. My favorite are the Reduce Cold-1 Tumblers. I love how they come with a straw and a spill-proof lid.

  16. Best comparison and review i’ve seen yet on these tumblers.

    BTW, the Yeti lid fits the Reduce tumbler perfectly. I know because in buying what I thought was a Yeti at a thrift store on closer inspection I discovered it was a Yeti lid on a Reduce tumbler. Firs perfect though.

    Price was right do no complaints. Thanks to your review…!

    • Profile Cover Art

      Hey Chase. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad that you enjoyed the review. That is interesting about the Yeti lid fitting the Reduce Tumbler. I love my Reduce tumbler, it is my daily tumbler.

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