Episode 20 | Will Swardstrom

***GIVEAWAY: Will Swardstrom would like to give one lucky winner a signed copy of the first book he wrote with his brother Paul Swardstrom, Blink. Answer the following question in order to get registered for this giveaway:

How did Will come up with Bob’s name in the story Natural Born Alien?

This giveaway will run until Friday, October 28, 2016, at 8:00 am est. Due to shipping, winner must be in the Continental United States. Good luck to all!***

Welcome to the twentieth episode of 30-Minute Author Interviews.

Today our guest is:

Will Swardstrom

pinterest-podcast-image-3Will Swardstrom is a speculative fiction author based in Southern Illinois. He is the solo author of two novels and numerous short stories, many of which have been featured in Samuel Peralta’s Future Chronicles and in Daniel Smith’s Tales From The Canyons Of The Damned series. He also is a co-author with his brother Paul K. Swardstrom on two full-length novels, Blink, the first in a planned series, and their latest, Vigilance, a novel set in Nick Webb’s Legacy Fleet universe.

You can also follow Swardstrom on Facebook and Twitter.

You can find all of his books on Amazon.

You can also find his brother, Paul Swardstrom, on Amazon as well.

You can find the article he wrote about women and science fiction here.

Music provided by Nomis. You can learn more at his website.

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5 Responses to Episode 20 | Will Swardstrom

  1. Will slammed his hand down to get the name, slammed it on his keyboard!

    I realize you haven’t asked but I’ll say this – I love the brother’s Swardstrom’s books. Alone and together, they do write very entertaining books and stories. I read “BLINK”, electronically, and would enjoy owning the paperback copy.

  2. PS: I started to tell a story about how he named Bob after himself, but couldn’t get ‘Bob’ out of Will no matter how hard I tried. 😉

  3. Profile Cover Art

    He slammed his hand against the keyboard and whatever gobbledegook he typed became Bob’s real name?!?! Nice. 🙂

    Also, John Williams and Hans Zimmer movie score playlists for the win!

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