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pinterest-podcast-image-2Daniel Arthur Smith is the author of the international bestsellers Hugh Howey Lives, The Cathari Treasure, The Somali Deception, and a few other novels and short stories. He also curates the phenomenal short fiction series Tales from the Canyons of the Damned.

He was raised in Michigan and graduated from Western Michigan University where he studied philosophy, with focus on cognitive science, meta-physics, and comparative religion. He began his career as a bartender, barista, poetry house proprietor, teacher, and then became a technologist and futurist for the Fortune 100 across the Americas and Europe.

Daniel has traveled to over 300 cities in 22 countries, residing in Los Angeles, Kalamazoo, Prague, Crete, and now writes in Manhattan where he lives with his wife and young sons.

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Daniel has also created a Patreon for the series Tales from the Canyons of the Damned. They have created many different reward levels. Head on over and check it out. 

Music provided by Nomis. You can learn more at his website.

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  1. Dare I say this was a Leighgendary episode? 😉 This was a really great interview, with lots of revealing info, interesting stories shared and some wonderful banter.

    Oh, his favorite poet is Walt Whitman.

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