2017 Leighgendary Flash Fiction Challenge

Congratulations to our winner:

Welcome to the second Leighgendary Flash Fiction Challenge.  This will be your source for everything that you need to know for this challenge.

Below is a link for the Rules & Guidelines.  If you want to participate, please read them.

Once an author submits a story, I will post a story description and a link to the story on this page.

Once the voting period opens, the poll will be located at the bottom of this page.  You will be able to vote once (1) per twenty-four hour period.  When voting you may vote for your top three (3) stories.  The story with the most votes wins.

Good luck to the authors, and I hope everyone has fun with this!

NOTE: Once you vote and hit submit, the poll will disappear until your 24 hours is up and then you can vote again.

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Rules & Guidelines

The Stories

Michael David Anderson
Paw Prints
Link was more than a dog to Sophie; in many respects, he saved her life, and then he was gone. The pets we love, however, never leave us.

Jonathan Ballagh
You Were My Own
A mother travels at night with her child, searching for something she thought was lost long ago. But finding it has a price. What will she do in the face of an impossible decision?

Stephanie Barr
When people are edged out because of what they are rather than who they are and what they can do, there is often high price to be paid.
And it isn’t always those overlooked who pay it. Ignoring half the population’s potential is a sure way to ruin.

Stefan Bolz
Purple Flowers
Three boys. A glorious summer. A dare that went too far, and lives changed in an instant.

David Bruns
Milking Time
If you’ve ever milked a cow by hand, you know there’s something Zen-like about the experience: The rhythm of milk zinging into a steel bucket, the close smell of a warm barn, the presence of a huge, sleepy animal standing over you. This is a story about a cow named Iris, a farmer deeply set in his morning routine, and the end of the world.

R.E. Durbin
Shade of the Forest
The sickness has spread. Once again, an elf has been chosen to combat it. But success comes at a high, high price. Perhaps too high? Only time will tell if it was worth the cost. After all, the winners write the history.

Willie Duty
The Grief Between
Jake had issues, mostly dealing with his grief.  He didn’t know why he had an abundance of grief or how to deal with it in a healthy way.  Recently his specialist recommended that he try attending a local group to work through his problems with people who have shared a similar experience.  Jake thought it couldn’t hurt, little did he know.

Jon Frater
Hazard To Navigation
When an alien ship crashes on the moon, its owners demand corrective action…the removal of Earth’s only satellite.

Patricia Gilliam
The Counselor
After a decade of imprisonment, Dr. Marcus Mitchell is confronted about the decision that led to his arrest.

I. T. Haplo
Coming Clean
While Jonah takes a shower, his wife gets stuck and has to take matters into her own hands.

R. T. Hayton
The Package
A man receives a mysterious package by Special Delivery, and the contents will sculpt the decisions that he makes for the rest of his life. Just opening it will take courage. Deciding what to do with it will be EPIC.

Ernie Howard
An old man lays in a hospital bed recounting his life, and his biggest regret from a summer day long ago.

David Jones
Invisible K
A brother teaches his little sister an important life lesson: invisibility comes at a price . . . one penny as it turns out.

R C Larlham
A Ghost in Love
A ghost who borrows and reanimates the dead has become a cop and is in love with his partner, one Janine. One nasty winter’s day, our ghost finds himself shot and “killed,” followed close at hand by Ms. Janine. Love is in the ether, but a surprise is in store for our hero.

Valerie Lioudis
John Robert Thompson was a mediocre man. Mundane in every way. In this story he has just arrived at the processing center where you are either reincarnated or moved on to a better place. To say his processor is frustrated is an understatement.

Stephen Lomer 
Stone’s Throw
A young woman falls asleep on the subway and wakes up in a place where nothing makes sense – or does it?

Brian Parker
Throw Aways
Easytown is a city with a thousand stories and a million crimes. Robot hookers, thieves, gangsters and drug addicts all compete for their opportunity to take advantage of the tourists who flock to the city to satisfy their urges. To combat a shrinking budget, the police use drones to watch over the crowds. They coldly prosecute the city’s laws without ever questioning why someone does what they do.

Chris Pourteau
Me Time
A middle-aged woman sits on a park bench, people watching on her lunch hour–something she’s done every day for years. The park is her refuge from a world of disappointment. But today is different; very different. What’s she thinking? Is she someone you know?

Diane Ryan
It’s All In How You Look At It
A suggestive bookstore delivery has employees in a tizzy, making them wonder if a children’s author has inappropriate motives.

Veronica Smith
Lottie’s Garden
Not everyone has a green thumb. How many would give everything to keep their garden alive? Lottie is determined for her garden to make it. But will she?

Paul K. Swardstrom
Parents need all the sleep they can get. What if that 3 am wake up call is more than just an imaginary bump in the night?

David Ulnar-Slew
Coffee Before the Fall
When two very old friends meet for coffee they discuss what needs to be done to help the world get back into some sort of balance.

Jody Wenner
The Hitch
Steve’s regular run to retrieve his kids for the weekend turns into something else entirely when he decides to pick up an innocent-looking hitchhiker.

Forbes West
The Last Tiger in Singapore
An old tiger lost in the streets of a modernizing Singapore looks to discover what happened to others like it.

Bob Williams
The Hope Frequency (From the Low Lying Lands)
The Descent. The event that reduced the world to a battleground filled with demonic bloodthirsty Freaks and the remaining human Regulars. One man searches for hope on the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan. He’ll find it in the most unlikeliest of places. The airwaves.

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