Episode 50 | Max Gladstone

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Max Gladstone is a two-time finalist for the John W Campbell Best New Writer Award, and a one-time finalist for the XYZZY and Lambda Awards. In July 2016 Tor Books published his most recent novel, FOUR ROADS CROSS, a tale of sovereign debt and dead gods.  FOUR ROADS CROSS is the fifth Craft Sequence novel, preceded by THREE PARTS DEAD, TWO SERPENTS RISE, FULL FATHOM FIVE, and LAST FIRST SNOW. His most recent project is the globetrotting urban fantasy serial BOOKBURNERS, available in ebook and audio from Serial Box, and in print from Saga Press.

Max studied Chan poetry and late Ming dynasty fiction at Yale; he lived and taught for two years in rural Anhui province, and has traveled throughout Asia and Europe. He speaks Chinese, can embarrass himself reading Latin, and is a martial artist, fencer, and fiddler. He’s also worked as a researcher for the Berkman Center for Internet and Policy Law, a tour guide for the Swiss Embassy, a go-between for a suspicious Chinese auto magazine, a translator for visiting Chinese schoolteachers, a Chinese philosophy TA, a tech industry analyst, and an editor. He has wrecked a bicycle in Angkor Wat, sung at Carnegie Hall, and been thrown from a horse in Mongolia.

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14 Responses to Episode 50 | Max Gladstone

  1. Aside from seeing how awesome those covers are–every time I see them, especially Last First Snow, I’d pick the candid comment about how he’s grown since the first Craft Sequence book. I admit I didn’t finish it, but it wasn’t for lack of interest. I was stuck as a podcaster trying to research for more interviews than I had time to finish books. (I just bought the audiobook of Three Parts Dead for under $5, so there’s my excuse to start over since I’ve forgotten too much by now to pick back up.)

    I was encouraged by his thoughts on the first book because I can relate to wanting people to read my first book, but also know the books after are an improvement. Cheers to Max and his perseverance. I’m thrilled that he’s been blessed to get to write full time. I love thinking of all the worlds and powerful prose he’s been able to create and I hope for a long time going.

  2. I think that my favorite part of the episode was when Max was breaking down the publication order of the Craft Sequence as being in “storyteller order”; I immediately thought of all the times that I’ve been in the middle of recounting some event to someone (most recently to my kids) and finding myself stopping and saying something like, “So, to understand this, I have to tell you about something that happened before that” or “This doesn’t make sense unless I tell you some things about so-and-so”.

    A close second is Max talking about reading Pratchett books out of order because he was limited to what the store had in stock.

  3. Another great interview! These sound like great books. My favorite part was Max describing the order of his series as Storyteller order. After listening to his description, it made sense & also made me realize why more authors seem to be doing that instead of a chronological order.

  4. I found Max Gladstone through his Choice of the Deathless game and I only really recently started reading his Craft Sequence novels. The Witch Who Came In From The Cold sounds so I’d really like to check that out when I have the time. I think my favorite part of the podcast was when he explained the publication order of the Craft Sequence. It was really interesting and plus I was confused on which book I should read next so that was helpful 😀

  5. I’ve been a fan of Max’s short fiction for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to reading one of his novels. Listening to this interview made me realize that on top of a great writer, Max is one hell of smart dude. Probably my favorite part was listening to Max talk about his childhood — a lot of authors talk about their books and writing when being interviewed (which I love!), but it’s nice to hear some of the personal stuff behind the artist.
    Also, thanks for the great podcast! I’ll be digging into the archive to find more episodes to listen to.

    • Profile Cover Art

      Luis, thank you for the kind words. I try to make every episode fun to listen to. I want the podcast to be a place for you to come and get to know your favorite author a little better and hopefully discover a new favorite author.

      I am glad you enjoyed learning about his childhood. Those are some of my favorite parts.

  6. Hey, love the interview and love the Craft sequence! (Two books in, three to go)
    Lots of good stuff, hadn’t heard of Serial Box so I’m glad to find out about that. But I think my favorite part would have to be the reflection on memory, how malleable it can be and how it’s shaped by stories we hear from others – maybe even stories we hear from ourselves.
    Thanks for the great listen!

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