Episode 58 | One-Year Anniversary

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Today is a special episode of 30-Minute Author Interviews. This week marks the one-year anniversary for the podcast. I cannot believe how fast time has gone. I have been able to interview some of my favorite authors and hopefully your favorite authors. I even had the chance to interview Michael Kramer, the voice behind the audiobooks of The Wheel Of Time and many Brandon Sanderson novels.

The past year of the podcast has been so much fun, and I cannot wait to see what authors I get to interview over the next year. The podcast is actually booked through August and I have a few dates scheduled for the remaining months of the year.

Thank you to everyone who supported and listened to the podcast over the past year and to those who supported the blog before the podcast.

Thank you to all of the authors who came on the podcast and took time out of their day to support my show and for also do giveaways with their episode.

Thank you to Rob from Thirdscribe. Rob has helped the blog and podcast so much over the past year and a half. You might not notice what he does, but he does so much behind the scenes and has introduced me to some great people who have helped as well.

Even though it isn’t podcast related, I want to thank the team of people I have worked with over the past two years. Diane S. Loftis was there for me to bounce many ideas off of. Some ideas we used and others we didn’t. Chris Fried for being the first reviewer who joined the team—dude reads more than anyone else I know. Michael David Anderson, Carol Kean, and Cara Drake for also joining the review team. Deanne Charlton for helping me edit my posts and making them readable. I bet she knows more about tumblers than she wants to. 🙂

Thank you to Josh Hayes and Scott Moon from Keystroke Medium for taking over my podcast today and chatting with me. They are both good guys and also great authors. They have both been on 30-Minute Author Interviews as guests as well. You can listen to Josh’s episode here. You can listen to Scott’s episode here.

A special thanks to my listeners; without you, this show would not exist. Your comments and suggestions have helped me improve the show and introduced me to authors I didn’t even know about. And to everyone else who has helped the podcast throughout the past year: thank you. I hope you enjoy this special one-year anniversary episode.

Topics Covered:
Two Truths & A Lie – 3:51
Why I Start The Leighgendarium – 12:21
Why And How I Started A Review Team – 15:38
Why I Started A Podcast – 21:11
What Is My Criteria To Come On The Podcast & How Much Research Do I Do Before Recording – 28:20
What Are The Most Listened To Episodes – 34:30
What Is My Goal With The Podcast – 37:40
What Authors Might Be Coming On The Show Soon – 39:26
The Famous Penguin Question – 45:49
Advice For Podcasting Or Life – 47:02
Bonus Questions – 50:41

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2 Responses to Episode 58 | One-Year Anniversary

  1. Profile Cover Art

    I really liked how you all switched up the format and you were a guest on your own show, Preston. 🙂

    Your answers to the bonus questions, especially the zombie apocalypse question, made me laugh out loud. Being inside the Themis robot to stomp on all the zombies creates quite the image.

    Second best was the Batman v. Superman movie discussion. I felt the same way about watching the extended edition. It explained a lot of gaps and made the movie more coherent from a storytelling perspective but it only improved the movie a little bit more than the original, theatrical release.

    Bonus points for talking about how a fan suggested that you contact me because I wrote a lot of reviews. Who was that fan? They deserve a big thank you from me for their thoughtfulness.

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