Episode 61 | Jon Del Arroz

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Jon Del Arroz is the author of the Alliance Award nominated and top-10 Amazon bestselling Space Opera, Star Realms: Rescue Run, as well as the top-5 Amazon bestselling Steampunk, For Steam And Country. He writes science fiction and fantasy, and dabbles in independent journalism. He hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, is a guest contributor to the Hugo Award-nominated Castalia House blog, and regularly posts to his website.

To learn more about Jon Del Arroz and his books, visit his website.

You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

All of his books can be found on Amazon.

Topics Covered During Interview:

Two Truths And A Lie – 3:03
Why he is a fan of Stephenie Meyer – 4:58
Author bio & he talks about the comic he wrote – 8:08
Why he switched from military sci-fi to steampunk – 10:27
The differences and similarities between military sci-fi & steampunk – 12:10
For Steam And Country book blurb – 17:05
Fan Question from Nick Cole: Why do people love steampunk? Is it because things are so bleak now and people see it as a brighter, more hopeful time? – 18:05
Fan Question from Timothy Ward: How did Final Fantasy 3 inspired writing For Steam And Country – 19:05
Jon Del Arroz reads an excerpt from For Steam And Country – 21:29
Star Realms book blurb – 27:29
If Jon could write in any game world which one would he write in – 31:12
The famous penguin question – 32:02

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