Episode 62 | Daniel M. Ford

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Daniel M. Ford was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Villanova (B.A., English) Boston College (M.A., Irish Literature) and George Mason University (M.F.A, Creative Writing, Poetry). His poetry has appeared in The Delmarva Review, Soundings Review, Vending Machine Press, Phoebe, and other journals. Ordination: Book 1 of the Paladin Trilogy (2016) was his first novel, with the sequel, Stillbright, released on June 1 2017. Book 3, Crusade, is scheduled for 2018. He teaches writing, literature, and cheese appreciation at a college prep high school in rural Maryland and lives in Newark, Delaware.

To learn more about Daniel M. Ford and his books, visit his website.

You can also follow him on Twitter.

All of his books can be found on Amazon.

Topics Covered During The Interview

Two Truths & A Lie – 3:07
How did Crusade, book three of The Paladin Trilogy, get out of hand? – 7:16
We talk about his poetry writing & his education – 8:37
Fan Questions from Michael Kramer: How does his study of fairy tales influence his poetry and vice versa? What is his favorite fairy tale? – 10:19
Has he been flying by the seat of his pants for this series? – 13:26
How did he get picked up by the small press Santa Fe Writers Project? – 15:16
Book Blurb for his Paladin Series – 21:40
What movie star would he see playing his main character, Allystaire Coldbourne? – 24:39
Daniel reads an excerpt from Ordination – 25:57
If he was a character in his book, what would his go to weapon be? – 35:05
Daniel doesn’t believe in writer’s block. What does he do if writer’s block starts to creep in? – 35:51
Daniel answers our famous penguin question – 38:06

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3 Responses to Episode 62 | Daniel M. Ford

  1. Completely appreciated Ordination. I enjoyed listening to Mr Fords explanation of how he developed his concept of the trilogy. It wasn’t difficult to draw the scenes in my mind while reading his work. Well done!

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