Episode 66 | Derek Borne

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Derek Borne is a Canadian author who lives in “the prettiest town in Ontario” with his jewelry making wife and moody bearded dragon Ziggy. Always telling stories since a young age, he first wrote The Ultimate Agent at fourteen and kept writing as a hobby until finally publishing. When he isn’t writing, he’s selling olive oil and aged balsamic, belting out Phantom of the Opera, playing guitar, playing hockey, and making movie references daily. Oh, and impatiently waiting for the next superhero movie to come out.

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Things We Talked About:

Two Truths & A Lie – 3:33
What drew Derek to writing at a young age? – 10:00
Michael Crichton and his influence on Derek – 13:22
How does Derek like to write his action scenes? – 15:21
Book Blurb for The Ultimate Agent – 18:51
What inspired Derek Borne to start writing this novel at 14? – 20:10
What Facebook Group was a big help to Derek Borne? – 24:29
Derek reads an excerpt from The Ultimate Agent – 26:10
Which two characters does Derek enjoy writing and why? – 33:51
Derek answers the famous penguin question – 37:24

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