Episode 71 | Blue Cole

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Blue Cole has been writing since he could grip a pencil. After almost 15 years of business ownership in and around Atlanta, Georgia he has returned to writing, at least part time. Some of his previous jobs include working as a pizza maker, performing drug and DNA tests, and selling children’s clothes. He currently works for a state government.

His literary style is a Frankenstein-ish mix of genres, combining Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Suspense, and even delving into satirical essays and historical fiction. His aim is to tell a good story, in any genre, at any length. Memorable characters in mind blowing concepts occupying believable settings characterize his work.

To learn more about Blue Cole and his books, visit his website.

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All of his books can be found on Amazon.

Things We Talked About:

Two Truths & A Lie – 3:35
Author bio & why he decided to start writing – 7:49
Why he combines genres when writing and blurb for his new novel Evil Upriver – 9:43
Why has he not written a series, only stand alone novels and what is a tri-pic? – 11:48
Where he got his idea for Evil Upriver – 17:48
Blue reads an excerpt from Evil Upriver – 22:49
What was his writing process for Evil Upriver? – 27:57
Who was his favorite character to write in Evil Upriver? – 32:41
Why he is choosing to do Kickerstarter for his next project – 35:19
Blue answers the famous penguin question – 39:34

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2 Responses to Episode 71 | Blue Cole

  1. I liked the conversation regarding why he doesn’t write a traditional series (as well as his offhand comment snout a sextology). While I will have sequels and series within my work, overall I plan on most novels being standalone although they will all feature some form of connection to one another.

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