4 Books I Bought Last Week – October 23, 2017

Before I got into reading I was addicted to music. Each week I got on iTunes, checked out the new releases, and looked for new artists. But that was then. Now reading is my new addiction. Like many people, I am subscribed to several book deal newsletters. Whenever I go into a store I have to check out their book section. I love finding a new story that grabs my attention.

All that means that my TBR list keeps growing, and I want to help you grow yours as well. Below are a few books that I discovered this past week and bought for myself. Maybe one of them will grab your attention as well. Unfortunately, I now have to decide which one I will read first. Have you already read any of them? I’d love to hear what you think of it.

What books did you discover this week? Let me know in the comments below.

Most of these books this were brought to my attention through friends and groups on Facebook, through emails like BookBub, and author newsletters.

Showdown (Wyrd West Chronicles Book 1)
by Diane Morrison

~ Nominee for the Virtual Fantasy Con 2017 Awards for Best Fantasy Steampunk Novel and Best Fantasy Dystopian Novel. ~

In Queenstown, an untried youth is the only one who can face down a notorious Desperado. But Graeme Walsh is not a Gunslinger: not yet. Will his training and his secret sorcerer’s powers be enough to get the drop on the Outlaw, before the Outlaw gets the drop on him?

Welcome to the Wyrd West, the world next door, where Western meets high fantasy, apocalyptica and a dash of steampunk. This novelette serial will be published bimonthly in e-format, with collections published in print format once a year.

Genres: Science Fiction, Western
$.99 as of 10/22/17

They Mostly Come Out At Night (Yarnsworld Book 1)
by Benedict Patrick

The standalone fantasy book that readers are calling a delightfully weird, dark fairytale.

The villagers of the forest seal themselves in their cellars at night, whispering folktales to each other about the monsters that prey on them in the dark. Only the Magpie King, their shadowy, unseen protector, can keep them safe.

However, when an outcast called Lonan begins to dream of the Magpie King’s defeat at the hands of inhuman invaders, this young man must do what he can to protect his village. He is the only person who can keep his loved ones from being stolen away after dark, and to do so he will have to convince them to trust him again.

They Mostly Come Out At Night is the first novel from Benedict Patrick’s Yarnsworld series. Straddling the line between fantasy and folklore, this book is perfect for fans of the darker Brothers Grimm stories.

Start reading today to discover this epic tale of dreams, fables and monsters!

Genres: Fantasy, Folklore, Myths & Legends
$4.99 as of 10/22/17

No Direction Home: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Series – Book 1
by Mike Sheridan

Ordinary People Surviving Extraordinary Times

A college student in Knoxville. An Irish couple on their dream vacation in Orlando. A bank robber in an Atlanta prison…what do they all have in common?

They are survivors of vPx073, the most deadly virus ever to be unleashed on the planet. One that has brought civilization to a standstill.

Haunted by the tragic death of his Gulf War veteran father, Cody Parsons is a struggling student at UTK when the pandemic hits Knoxville. Soon the sharpshooting skills his father taught him as a fourteen-year-old are put to good use — especially when an ex-US army combat engineer takes him under his wing.

As food and water runs out, and roving gangs take over the cities, the paths of some very determined survivors are destined to meet…with surprising consequences.

With strong, original characters that jump off the page, this is a fast-paced story that fans of post-apocalyptic survival fiction will appreciate.

Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Thriller, Military Fiction
$2.99 as of 10/22/17

Magemother: The Complete Series
by Austin J. Bailey

Yesterday, invisible. Today, saving the world…

Brinley has spent most of her life pretending to be invisible, but when a magic bell summons her across time and space to the magical kingdom of Aberdeen, she finds herself in an adventure that will force her to find her own power. Normally held together by the magic of the seven mages, Aberdeen is now falling apart. One by one the mages are disappearing, and the only person who can find them has long since vanished. Swept along by strange forces, Brinley joins up with Hugo, a mischievous young prince, and Tabitha, a quirky “bird girl” from the wizard school, and together they set out to find a mysterious figure called the Magemother. Along the way they will discover real friendship, face true evil, and overcome their greatest fears to save the ones they love.

Magemother: The Complete Series includes all three stories (plus a bonus novella) in the captivating, kid-friendly fantasy series readers describe as “a magical daydream gone wild.” If you like quick pacing, lovable heroes, plot twists, quirky witches (and the occasional shapeshifter), then these books are for you.

Genres: Children’s Fiction, Fantasy
$5.99 as of 10/22/17

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