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Before we jump into the questions, can you tell the readers a little about yourself?

My name is Javan Bonds, I am from Alabama, and I’m thirty years old. I started writing in 2010 but didn’t really start writing full time for about five years. Free State of Dodge, my first novel, was published in May 2016 and my zompoc series, beginning with Zombie Lake, was published in December of that year.  S.W. Salzman, should begin work on the Audible version of Zombie Lake before the end of 2017, and I hope to start releasing the entire series in audiobook soon.

1.)  What is something that many people might not know about you?

I have genetic disorder called Friedrichs Ataxia, a form of muscular dystrophy. It rendered me completely wheelchair dependent by the age of thirteen. By my junior year of high school, I was suffering from atrial fibrillation (my heart was beating out of rhythm) and because I didn’t do anything about it for months, a blood clot formed in my heart and I nearly died. I now take blood thinners and suffer from congestive heart failure, and had a pacemaker implanted in 2013. In late 2015, I was given “six months to two years” to live. But due to new medicines and a great heart doctor my health has since greatly improved and that time limit no longer applies. That’s a good thing, since it’s been nearly 2 years.

I’m also functionally deaf and legally blind. Optic nerve atrophy started impairing my vision in January 2010. Now, I can barely see shapes. It’s incredibly tedious to write, but I have published five books so far and plan to release many more. I have a 40 inch TV screen as a computer monitor set too high contrast. The resolution is ridiculously low and I keep things zoomed to 400%. I can see only a few words at a time, and not very well, while I’m writing. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to transcribe every single word.

I can hear just fine through my sound canceling headphones in a quiet room. If a radio is on or I am in Walmart or somewhere where there are lots of people, don’t even try to speak to me.

2.)  What book or book series had a major impact on your life? Why did it have such an impact on you?

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo was the original inspiration for my zombie apocalypse series. Authors like Shawn Chesser, John O’Brien, Nicholas Sansberry Smith, and dozens of others continue to impact my writing.

I was first struck by the writing style of Tufo. It seemed more like the way people actually talk than any book I had ever read. I just knew I had to do something like that.

3.)  If you could co-author a novel with any author, who would you want to co-write with and why?

Mark Tufo co-authors with different writers all the time, I’m sure we could find something to write about.

4.)  Which one of your characters do you identify with the most?

If you know me and read my books, it’s obvious that I am the main protagonist, Mo. Maybe not physically, but everything about his personality is mine.

5.) Which one of your characters do you wish you were more like?

Smokes, The Oracle, seems to have foresight into every event that takes place. Most would say that he could see the future. I’d like to know what’s next like he does.

6.)  Can you tell us the title of your latest release and what it is about?

Still Alive Book 4, Zombie Oasis. It’s the continuation of the story following Mo Collins and the rest of his band on a replica pirate ship. The series started in a North Alabama lake town and they just start traveling down the Tennessee River in the fourth book, to look for a supposed cure for the zombie virus. The next books, Zombie River Run and Zombie Paradise Lost, continue the Chronicles to the point of the state line with Mississippi. Book seven, Zombie Deliverance will follow the crew to the point of the Air Force Base in Columbus, Mississippi.

7.)  Where did your idea for this story/series come from?

The original inspiration for the story was from Mark Tufo. When I decided to write a zombie series, I just wanted to use the area around me. I am from Marshall County and go through Guntersville all the time.

8.) Can you tell us something about the story/series that people might not know?

Readers might not know the Viva Ancora, the replica pirate ship Mo lives on, is actually modeled after the Columbus caravels. They travel through Guntersville and I actually met with one of the crew members to research some details of ship life.

9.)  What was your biggest challenge writing this book/series?

My biggest challenge is the one I deal with every day. Being blind on top of everything else makes it suicidally painful and nearly impossible to write. Other than that, I don’t find it extremely hard to come up with ideas for my story. I have yet to deal with writers block, and here’s hoping I keep pumping out books.

10.)  Can you share with us a few paragraphs from the book (no major spoilers please)?

This is a section from the third installment, Zombies on a Plane. Just to set it up, my zombies are living infected, not actual undead. They are naked and excrete wreaking diarrhea nearly all the time and do a lot of things other mammals do. Peevies, as they are called, have light sensitive eyes and don’t venture out into bright sunlight due to the apparent discomfort it brings them.  Before you read this, let me warn you that it is not for children. Whole areas that may be, but I would consider it rated R. Enjoy!

The undead remained in the shadows of the woods; there was enough yardage between us and them to get a shot off if they decided to rush us. We were safe unless one of us started bleeding. We could catch glimpses of these blunatics fighting over pieces of torn woodland creatures, occasionally drawing blood by biting each other on the cheeks. One would rip a stringy piece of meat from whatever random animal the other was tearing into and then the one clutching the bloody feast would turn to snap at the thief.

 Rivulets of peevie blood dripped down the chin of the protector of its food to become indiscernible from the other various fluids and bloodstains across the monster’s face and chest.

It was creepy watching the beasts follow us down the two lane road from the precipice of the shadows. They were keeping their eyes on us, surely praying to their blue deity for a cloud to suddenly darken the sky. During this I witnessed one thing that I have never come across and I immediately wanted to wash my eyes with bleach: peevies fucking. I guess it was arousing to be within throwing distance of food; all the males could pitch a tent with the poles they were sporting. I guess prey just puts them in the mood to hump. A yellow-eyed nudist stood behind a female, skinny as a concentration camp victim, and just went at it doggie style! I’m not sure if Mr. Minuteman typically got in and got out so quick or if the speed mating was caused by the virus, but after just a few seconds he bucked with a shrill squeal. The moment he let loose, so did she. And I’m not talking about an earth shattering orgasm.

The female forcefully blew chunky bowel butter for an exceptional amount of time all over its assailant’s abdomen. When the male blunatic dismounted, I was able to take in one of the most vomit inducing sights I can recall.

Its sagging testicles were coated in some type of running, sticky substance that had the consistency of maple syrup, framed by dripping shit trickling down its legs and all around its pubic area. Thinking about that reminds me of candy where the best part is on the inside–holy fuck, that was a disturbing thought! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a Reese’s Cup again. Now the question: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?” keeps running through my mind. God, I need a therapist. It was sickening to see what one would normally find in an adult film as a casual “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” in the woods and bathed in freezing water. What was more sickening was the fact that I had closely watched the animal baby-making dance and I continued to study the hairy, body fluids-soaked, private area of the male cannibal after it was over. I’ve seen some weird fetish porn, but if I ever decide to take the easy way out, I’m sure you will find this scene, which will forever be burned into my conscience, mentioned in the suicide note.

11.)  Why did you pick those paragraphs to share with us?

Because it is one of the funniest things I’ve ever written. If the reader cannot understand the humor or is offended by the language in that excerpt, that individual would doubtfully find any of the series enjoyable. I have no filters and that’s the way I write.

12.)  What is the strangest thing you have ever had to research online for one of your books?

Nothing extremely weird. For the fifth volume, I had to research traditional Asian Indian melee weapons. All four of The Phantoms carry strange Indian blades. It was interesting to find the amount of Indian weapons I didn’t even realize existed.

13.)  Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few readers will find?

The main character is named Mo Collins. My middle lame is Collins. Later in the series, Mo says his middle name is Hoyt. Though almost everyone probably doesn’t know, that is my maternal grandfather’s first name. Besides just that, there are plenty of inside jokes throughout the series that only a select few would understand.

14.)  What would your autobiography be called and why would you call it that?

I don’t think I can ever write an autobiography, it would be pretty boring. After high school, I did absolutely nothing. For the past year, when I’m not sleeping, I’ve been constantly writing. Besides several near-death experiences, it wouldn’t be very interesting. Plus, I’m just not the inspirational type. And I know that struggling with a disability and overcoming to pursue my dreams could be used as an inspirational story, I just don’t think I can do it.

15.)  A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

“I’d like a beer and to see something naked.”

Where can people go if they want to learn more about you and the books you have written?

My website currently leads you to my Facebook author page. I also have an official  Javan Bonds Fan Club on Facebook.

Check out my Amazon Authors page and follow me so you can get updates on my new releases.

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