Episode 33 | Scott Moon

Scott Moon has been writing fantasy, science fiction, and urban fantasy for over thirty years. In 2012, he published Dragon Badge, a novel that took years to write. Realizing that the process never really gets easier, he continued with Dragon Attack, Dragon land and a series of science fiction books full of action and suspense. Currently he is working on a new military science fiction series (starting with Bayonet Dawn) more ambitious than previous novels.
Come and learn more about this author in this brand new podcast episode.

I Haven’t Been So Paranoid Playing a Game In Years – A Firewatch Review

Here at The Leighgendarium, we tend to focus more on independent publishing. However, while our focus tends to usually be on independent authors and their work, Michael David Anderson decided to take a look at other forms of independent creativity. Enter Firewatch, the first release by independent game developer Campo Santo.

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned Goes Interstellar!

Tales from the Canyons of the Damned blasts off into space in this new collection of short stories. Learn more about each story in my review and then keep reading for a special interview with A.K. Meek and Daniel Arthur Smith.

Episode 32 | L. Bachman

Bachman first gained attention in the independent publishing community with her cover design of the collection entitled Murder, Mayhem, Monsters, and Mistletoe: An Anthology. This led to her working with several authors, including Lindy Spencer and Rae Ford. Following her work on the anthology, she wrote The Blasphemer Series: Maxwell Demon in January 2015. It was nominated for Indie Book of 2016 by Metamorph Publishing, along with her bestselling short Human Ouija.
Come and learn more about L. Bachman in this week’s podcast episode.

New Year, New Time . . Travel Graphic Novel With Rysa Walker

Time travel with two CHRONOS Files stories from author Rysa Walker. First, nineteen-year-old Clio is forced to time travel and must try to survive it in the graphic novel “Time Trial.” Next, Kiernan must work with duplicates of himself to save someone he cares about in the short story “Splinter.” Find out more about each of them in my reviews and then read onwards for an interview with author Rysa Walker.