Episode 56 | Amy DuBoff


Amy DuBoff is sci-fi/space opera author. She is releasing Scions of Change, book 7 in her Cadicle series. She is now a full time author and is transitioning in that new stage in her life. Come and learn more about her and her Cadicle series and a new anthology series called Pew! Pew! – Sex, Guns, Spaceships… Oh My!

Episode 55 | Nick Braker and Paul E. Hicks


Nick Braker and Paul E. Hicks are coauthoring a series called the Galactic Satori Chronicles. Come and learn more about these two sci-fi authors and their series.

Nick Braker works in the Information Technology industry in both technical and managerial ​roles. He started out in programming after securing his degree from the University of Evansville. His roles along the years have been primarily technical ones with computer systems. Along the way he found he loved to write and his creativity with Role Playing games from his youth and on up into my older years have given him a lot of material ideas for books that he knows you’ll enjoy.

Paul Hicks was born in December 1967 in Fairbanks Alaska. As a child, his parents had bought him several books, but he just never found them interesting. It wasn’t until a trip from Michigan to Tennessee when he picked up the book Conan The Barbarian by L. Sprague De Camp and Lin Carter that he found what was missing in his previous books. From that point on he has been an avid reader of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He claims that he will be successful once he has created a world that will enthrall the reader and not release them until they see the words ‘The End’.