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Episode 50 | Max Gladstone


Max Gladstone is an author that was introduced to me this year. This interview is one of my favorites to date and I know you will enjoy learning about Max and his stories.

Max Gladstone has been thrown from a horse in Mongolia and nominated twice for the John W Campbell Best New Writer Award. His most recent project is the globetrotting urban fantasy serial BOOKBURNERS, available in ebook and audio from Serial Box, and in print from Saga Press.

Episode 49 | Rhett C. Bruno


Rhett Bruno is an Amazon Bestselling author of The Circuit series, Titanborn, and From Ice To Ashes. He is also one of the founders of Sci-Fi Bridge. He has had an interesting road in his publishing career so far. Learn more about this great author in this week’s podcast episode.

Rhett Bruno has been writing since before he can remember, scribbling down what he thought were epic stories when he was young to show to his friends and family. He currently works at an Architecture firm, but that hasn’t stopped him from recording the tales bouncing around inside of his head.

Episode 48 | Dennis E. Taylor

Dennis E. Taylor is known for his Bobiverse series: Book 1, We Are Legion (We Are Bob) and Book 2, For We Are Many. We Are Legion (We Are Bob) won Audible’s Best of 2016 – Science Fiction.

Dennis E. Taylor is a computer programmer, snowboarder, runner, and all-round nerd. He is also traditionally a late starter. Dennis didn’t start snowboarding until his early fifties, didn’t start writing until his late fifties, didn’t start running until almost thirty. Dennis thinks he needs to be more adventurous, a lesson that he didn’t learn until, uh, now.

He is married and has one daughter. He currently works for a large insurance company, but will be retiring at the end of June to write full-time.

Episode 46 | Sylvain Neuvel

Sylvain Neuvel made a splash with his first book Sleeping Giants. Book 2, Waking Gods, was just released. Come and learn more about this amazing series and amazing authors in this week’s episode of 30-Minute Author Interviews.

Sylvain Neuvel dropped out of high school at age 15. Along the way, he has been a journalist, worked in soil decontamination, sold ice cream in California, and peddled furniture across Canada. He received a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Chicago. He taught linguistics in India, and worked as a software engineer in Montreal. He is also a certified translator, though he wishes he were an astronaut. He likes to tinker, dabbles in robotics and is somewhat obsessed with Halloween. He absolutely loves toys; his girlfriend would have him believe that he has too many, so he writes about aliens and giant robots as a blatant excuse to build action figures (for his son, of course).

Episode 45 | Lyndon Perry

I had fun getting to know an author new to me, Lyndon Perry. Lyndon Perry is a pastor, husband, and grateful father of two. He enjoys dark roast coffee, herding cats on the side, and used to teach middle grade English. Perry also runs Tule Fog Press, an indie publisher helping readers and authors find each other in various genres, including mystery, thriller, fantasy, science fiction, and more.

Many of his stories are speculative in nature – fiction with a dash of the fantastic. He also enjoys writing about matters of faith, mainstream lit, humor, sci-fi, fantasy, and a bit of horror as well. As Garth Perry, he writes thriller, mystery, and suspense. In other words, he write in any genre that piques my interest.

Episode 44 | S.F. Edwards

S.F. Edwards is the author of The Spiral War series. A career of testing, evaluating and certifying military weapon systems and aircraft has given him an insight into military hardware and mindset that many science fiction authors do not. Years of teaching aerospace concepts and history has also helped him. Come and learn more about S.F. Edwards and his stories.

Episode 42 | Ian Tregillis

Ian Tregillis holds a Ph.D. in physics for his research on radio galaxies and quasars, and is an alumnus of the Clarion workshop. He is the author of seven novels: The Milkweed Triptych (BITTER SEEDS, THE COLDEST WAR, and NECESSARY EVIL), SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT, and the Alchemy Wars trilogy (THE MECHANICAL, THE RISING, and THE LIBERATION). His short fiction has appeared in venues including, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Popular Science, Best New Horror, and The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. He is a member of George R. R. Martin’s WILD CARDS writing consortium. He lives in New Mexico, where he consorts with writers, scientists, and other rogues.