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SGP_2606websizedPreston Leigh


Preston Leigh, with the help of many in the indie community, is the founder of The Leighgendarium.

He grew up with no interest in reading. In school he preferred to read Cliff Notes. Why did he change his mind on reading? The answer is simple, a girl. In 2003, his girlfriend, now wife, told him that he should really read the Harry Potter series and his love for reading grew from that. Preston discovered the indie side of publishing in 2014 and has fallen down its rabbit hole. Preston lives in Southwest Virginia with his wife and two dogs.


1002173_10201687814179795_1667712021_nCarol Kean


Carol Kean grew up on a farm, where books, animals, and plants substituted for a social life.  She earned a degree at University of Northern Iowa in English teaching with a journalism minor.  She worked as a technical writer for a bomb factory, writing progress reports for the Patriot Warhead Missile, using a very expensive, very new device known as a computer. (The bomb factory has closed permanently, but it was not her fault.)

Science fiction unites her first love (science) with her second (literature).  She reads most genres, except horror and chick lit, but a compelling voice gets her to read any genre .  Kean is a Book Critic for Perihelion Science Fiction ezine, NetGalley, and Amazon Vine.  Her reviews in Perihelion earned her second place in the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll for review sites in 2015.  She is happily married with three grown children.

You can learn more about Kean by following her blog.

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J6b4phlChris Fried


Chris Fried is married to a wonderful wife with two delightful young children, he enjoys spending time with his family, raising his kids and working at his day job. When he has spare time (what’s that?), he enjoys reading and writing book reviews.

A lifelong reader since he was young, he eventually discovered so many wonderful stories in the world of independent publishing that he’s been reading them ever since. Now, his “To Be Read” list has never been longer.

He lives in northern New Jersey with his family, which includes a very fluffy cat.

His Amazon profile can be found here.



FB_IMG_1465995518325Michael David Anderson


Horror and suspense novelist Michael David Anderson resides in Knoxville, Tennessee, and possesses degrees in both Psychology and English. He is the author of the Teddy Dormer novels Teddy and Wake, and several books of poetry. In addition to writing, Anderson is an avid reader, gamer, and stand-up comic. Bandit, his dog, is a German Shepherd/Retriever mix and serves as a constant distraction from his writing.

You can find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter, as well as at his website.


Cara Drake


Cara Drake is a self-professed geek. When she’s not reading, she’s likely working on her next cosplay or gaming with friends. Her greatest achievement to date involves rolling a critical hit and killing an NPC with a bowl of soup. Her second greatest achievement involves rolling a critical failure and starting that bar brawl by spitting a bite of the horrible soup onto another NPC.

She is currently attending a local college where she hopes to eventually acquire a degree in education and become a teacher, thereby influencing future generations into taking sides in the great Star Trek/Star Wars debate.

Cara believes that the greatest invention since the book itself is the ereader – which has allowed her to go from carrying 10 or more bulky, heavy hardcovers at a time to carrying thousands of books on her kindle. She lives in Florida with her equally geeky husband, their two children, and their rescue dog Evie.


Deanne at Alioto'sDeanne Charlton


Deanne Charlton lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, editing books and short stories while the Great Smoky Mountains beckon through the office window of her mostly renovated 90-year-old house. (When she’s on deadline, she pulls down the shade; if it’s raining, she leaves the shade up and edits books, stories, and  The Leighendarium.)

She has traveled widely and hopes her latest move—number 50—is truly her last one. With a BS in Technical Communication, a rat terrier’s eye for typos, and tenacity for going over manuscripts “just one more time,” her services are in demand, but she manages to find time for hiking and gardening.
Please note: She is available to do so, but she does not edit all posts in The Leighgendarium, only those requested by the writers. 
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